What is “This Morning: Saturday” Correspondent, Jamie Yuccas’ Marital Status?

What is “This Morning: Saturday” Correspondent, Jamie Yuccas’ Marital Status?

Emmy Award-winning journalist, Jamie Yuccas proved that her style of broadcasting news on-air makes an impact on people and the society because she chose the most engaging headlines and speaking point of view that no one can do. She is exploring the interesting stories throughout the nation while reporting, producing, and creating news content for CBS News.

Apart from this, people are getting nowadays to know whether she has been married twicely or not. Well, if you want to know more about Yuccas’ personal life then stay with us till the end of the article.

Marital Status

West Coast-based storyteller, Yuccas has a bold and beautiful personality that makes everyone fall in love with her soul. So does she find someone who will surely impress her with his talent or heart of gold? Nevertheless, there is currently no presence of a lovable person in her intimate life.

When it comes to Yuccas’ personal life, she simply feels she does not want to become a housewife or marital partner after experiencing from her marriage that ended traumatically. Currently, she is focusing on her day-to-day curiculumns while maintaining her name on the list of successful journalists.

Wedding Vows with Husband, John Seehan

CBS News correspondent, Yuccas, previously walked down the aisle off the closet with an American businessman, John Sheehan, in 2007. After getting married, the couple started to cherish their marital relationship with full of happiness and understanding.

Eventually when all the things was going alright in the conjugal life of the pair, something went wrong due to some personal misunderstanding that led them to darkness. They then finalized their divorce tragically in 2017.

Rumored to be Dating Several Times

CBS Weekend News reporter, Jamie faced several dating rumors in her life. At first, she was close to her beloved friend, Bobby Maslar, an American pilot. The duo used to spend quality time while going out for vacations and late dinner parties, which took a massive amount of attention in the media.

Jamie Yuccas with boyfriend, Bobby Maslar
Jamie Yuccas with boyfriend, Bobby Maslar
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The two appreciated their love for each other via Instagram. First of all, Yuccas said, “She is thankful to have his[Bobby] love, who showed up and stand by her side even in the hardest times and she appreciates all he do very much.”

In response, Bobby wrote, “From the moment she walked on the jet plane and their eyes meet, his life completely change because of her friendship and love.” He further said, “he is grateful for her love and wished her a Happy Valentine’s Day!”

Yuccas was again rumored to be dating her hairstylist whose name goes by F. Wayne on Instagram. The rumor spread all the media when she posted a glimpse of photos with her favourite hairdresser on 29th April 2016. However, the time they both proclaimed to be just good friends when people asked about their chemistry.

Does Yuccas Have Children?

Los Angeles-based reporter, Yuccas does not have children from her past marriage or relationships. But, if she became a mother of a child then she will surely put the responsibility on herself and raise her child in a good and friendly environment.
Other than that, Yuccas are living a domestic life because she is an avid animal lover. She possesses a pet dog, Dottie just like a caring mom. Her pet dog is a Russkiy Toy dog breed, which is usually found in Russia.