• Thomas James Burris

    Family Member

  • Facts of Thomas James Burris

    Name Thomas James Burris
    Gender Male
    Birth Country United States of America
    Nationality American
    Ethnicity White
    Profession Family Member
    Net worth $1 million
    Marital Status Widow
    Spouse Karen
    Hair Color Black
    Eye Color Blue

    Where is Thomas James Burris now?

    Thomas James Burris’s whereabouts are unknown. The last people heard of him was when, after Karen’s death, he gave an interview in which Karen said that Karen, too, had issues with his health and that while people thought he and his wife were not happy, it was a misunderstanding. In an interview, he claimed that they had a good life and took care of each other before other differences drove them apart.

    Thomas James Bio and Wiki

    Thomas James Burris was born in the US and was not known to the public as to the location and date of his birth. While Thomas is a real estate developer, he is possibly best known for being the husband of Karen Carpenter, the late famous musician, between 1980 and 1983.

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    In 1980, Thomas James Burris and Karen Carpenter met at a chic Maison restaurant during a party. Whether it was a scheduled meeting or a chance one is not known. Nevertheless, they both liked and started to date. Thomas Burris or Tom Burris, as he was called, was then 40 years old, married, and divorced with the 18-year-old son. There was such intense love among them at that time that in a couple of months they became engaged and then married. The reception took place in the Beverly Hills Hotel’s Crystal Suite.

    Thomas James Married Life

    Thomas James Burris started spending the money of Karen after marriage lavishly. He took loans or spent it on lavish investments or joys.

    Thomas-James-Burris married with Karen
    Thomas-James-Burris married with Karen

    Thomas, who claimed he never knew Karen before they met, was believed to be telling a lie. He had planted the entire meeting and innocence to marry her and obtain her money. His extravagant spending caused a lot of financial damage to Karen, and she later had only her immobility. The couple could not bear children, as it had been said that before the wedding, Thomas had undergone a vasectomy, which he had not admitted to Karen. All Karen’s dream of having children with Thomas James Burris was zero. Thomas neglected Karen as well, and she became depressed

    James Married Wife Death

    After that, it turned out that marriage was a big mistake for Karen because they could not have children–she didn’t know that her (future) husband Thomas could not give them children because he had suffered from a vasectomy until she found out just days before her married couple. She was distraught and surprised because she wanted to become a mother badly. He appeared to be mean to her at the same time, calling her a “pack of bones.” And it wasn’t long before she wanted to file for divorce. All these problems led Karen to death when she began to suffer from anorexia, an eating disorder that caused a lot of complications in her body, including heart failure. She was unable to recover and passed away in Downey, California, on 4 February 1983, at the time of the completion of the divorce.

    Net Worth and Status

    There is nothing in the media about Thomas’s profession to speak about his net worth, so we have no details about his assets. We can assume that he divided his wife’s net worth during her short marriage, due to the fact that Karen had a large financial loss in his lavish way of life, because he invested almost all his money so far that she had just a few stocks left. Karen changed her wish to leave everything she owned to her family before her death, though, so he inherited nothing.

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