• Theodora Miranne


    Theodora Miranne

  • Facts of Theodora Miranne

    Name Theodora Miranne
    Birth Name Theodora Woolley
    Gender Female
    Nationality American
    Profession Actress
    Net worth $1.2 Million
    Salary $57,060
    Marital Status Married
    Spouse Robert Miranne
    Hair Color Swedish Brown
    Eye Color Blue
    Height 5' 6" (1.68 m)
    Weight 65 KG
    Mother Marie Harvey
    Siblings Denys Woolley


    Person of Interest actress, Theodora Miranne knows the best feeling comes when people recognize her for what she has done in the movie. And that makes her valuable in the film industry among other successful actors. She is reportedly making an impact in today’s world by playing roles in the action-thriller film franchise.

    Theodora’s maiden name is Theodore Woolley, which she changed after her marriage. Her mother is Marie Harvey. On the other side, she has an older sister and two younger brothers, including Denys Woolley.

    Theodora, Mother Marie Harvey
    Theodora, Mother Marie Harvey
    Image Credit: instagram.com

    How is Theodora’s love life going with her beloved husband? Does she give birth to a child? Know more exciting facts about Miranne’s personal life, then explore the full article while staying with us till the end.

    Salary & Net Worth

    Theodora Miranne made his debut from a short action-drama movie, These Days in 2011. She then appeared in the comedy-drama film, 21st Century in 2013. Her other film credits include Gemini Man, Eye Candy, and so on. She also worked on several TV shows, including The Blacklist: Redemption, Person of Interest.

    As a professional actress, Miranne is earning a fruitful salary. Just in a similar case, an actor or actress in America grasps an average income of $57,060 from the lower and higher percentile of $47,021 $69,668. So, Miranne’s annual fortune probably listed on a similar range. As of 2020, her net worth is $1.2 Million.

    Theodora earned huge recognition from her prominent roles. She won her first Jury Award for the best actress in 2016. More to that, she received four nominations for the Jury Award in the lead role in the female category from 2016, 2017, and 2020. Also, read about Sophia Bush‘s net worth and status.

    Relationship Status

    Engaged star, Theodora is living a happy life with a successful businessman, Robert Miranne, who is now serving as an executive vice president at HSN’s IDL Business Strategy, Development, and Operations. The two united as husband and wife on 30th July 2016 at Conti di San Bonifacio boutique hotel in the Tuscany region of Italy.

    Theodora Miranne and Robert Miranne
    Theodora Miranne and Robert Miranne
    Image Credit: instagram/theodoramiranne

    Three years of marriage, the pair announced that they were expecting their first child on 26th August 2019 via Instagram. Theodora then gave birth to a baby boy, Leo Miranne on 21st December 2019. Since then, they are spending quality time with their newly born child in their lavish home located in New York City, New York.

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