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  • Facts of Susan Yara

    Name Susan Yara
    Date of Birth August 8,1981
    Zodiac Sign Leo
    Gender Female
    Birth Country New Mexico, United States
    Nationality American
    Profession Youtuber, Model, and Producer
    Net worth $1 Million
    Spouse Arun Dayalan
    Children Nikash Dayalan and Ayla Dayalan
    Hair Color Blonde
    Eye Color Hazel

    Susan Yara is an American journalist, model, beauty expert, producer, and Youtuber who is best known for news and numerous YouTube Videos about mixed makeup in 2014. In 2004, she was also Miss New Mexico.

    Susan was born on 8 August 1981 in a small city outside Sante Fe, New Mexico, USA. Her parents are considered to be Korean. Susan reported that she studied journalism at New Mexico University.

    Arun Dayalan and Susan’s Married Life

    Susan is married to 2011 lawyer Arun Dayalan. Nevertheless, since 2008, they have been in a relationship. The couple is proud of two girls, Nikash Dayalan (nearly four years old) and Ayla Dayalan (5 and a half years old by 2020).

    Susan Yara With her Family
    Image Credit: instagram.com

    Because the couple has only four parents, their family views the family as five parents, including their dog Mason. Susan said that they had to go through a c-section to deliver both Nikash and Ayla. They’re all pleased nowadays.

    Career beginning as a Model 

    Yara began her career as a model, and after her win, she was featured in various media such as PEOPLE, New York Post, MSNBC.com, Businessweek.com, CNBC.com, Yahoo, AOL, and The FOOD Magazine. Susan also participated in radio and TV shows, including TODAY SHOW, MSNBC, Oprah and Friends, Forbes Tv, Fox News, and represented her city in Miss New Mexico in 2004.

    Formerly the video editor and digital director of the NewBeauty Website, Susan created and presented videos that highlighted top film industry experts and products, while overseeing newbeauty.com editorial content and social media policy.

    She was an on-camera reporter and producer for PopSugarTV before freelancing for media outlets like Joyus.com and Glamour.com and ahead editor at Totalbeauty.com. Also, read about Erin Timony and Alanah Pearce’s biography.

    Successfully Running own Youtube channel

    Susan’s career on camera started at News12 The Bronx in New York City and moved then to Forbes.com, where she was a lifestyle journalist/writer and host on the images. After gathering all the resources and experiences required, she started her own Youtube channel, which was very positive.

    Susan Yara recognizes the importance of all social media and is still active on web sites. Susan has around 138k Instagram followers, around 6,22k on Twitter, and about 500 + LinkedIn connections.

    Total Net Worth – $1 Million

    Fashionist, famous model, media personality, and the current net worth of Youtuber Susan Yara are reportedly around $1 million. She got the money as an author, model, fashion consultant, producer, and YouTuber.

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