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    Sophie Harkness

  • Facts of Sophie Harkness

    Name Sophie Harkness
    Date of Birth 30th June 1990
    Zodiac Sign Cancer
    Gender Female
    Birth Country London, England, United Kingdom
    Nationality Englih
    Ethnicity White
    Profession Actress
    Net worth $350,000
    Marital Status Single
    Hair Color Dark Brown
    Eye Color Hazel
    Movies The Collection, The Fall, and Holby City.


    English actress, Sophie Harkness stepped into the field of entertainment not to achieve fame and money, but to win people’s heart. She only counts the middle part of her career to remember rather than the beginnings of her hardships and the triumphant ending.

    Harkness was born on 30th June 1990 in London, England, United Kingdom. During her early life, she had a keen interest in the arts of acting and participated in various theatrical shows in her school days.

    Sophie enrolled at Drama Studio London after graduating from high school. Furthermore, she graduated from acting school in 2013. So, where is she now, and what is happening in her personal life?

    Salary & Net Worth

    Sophie Harkness made her debut appearance in the horror movie, X Moor as Kara under the direction of Luke Hyams in 2014. She later appeared as Sinead in the comedy series, Number 2s in 2015. Furthermore, she starred in several TV shows, including The Sparticle Mystery, The Collection, The Fall, and Holby City.

    Netflix’s adventure drama fantasy series, Cursed
    Netflix’s adventure drama fantasy series, Cursed
    Image Credit: instagram.com

    Harkness is starring in the recurring role, Sister Celia in Netflix’s adventure drama fantasy series, Cursed. She currently earns $40,000 per episode from the series. She maintains a considerable net worth of $350,000 as of 2021.

    Relationship Status

    The 30-year-old, Harkness is reportedly not dating anyone and lives a single life. There is no chance of getting married because she is busy on her upcoming projects of filmography. Nevertheless, she will surely find her perfect match to tie the knot in the future.

    Just as a matter of fact, Sophie has kept herself out of the media’s attention because she is a sensitive person and lives a down-to-earth personality. Nonetheless, this might be a reason why she is not in a relationship as of now. also, read about Brooke Alexander‘s biography.


    London-based actress, Sophie has a great love for animals and raises her voice over the hunting and poaching of rare and endangered species. She adopted two pet dogs, Milo, an English Springer Spaniel breed, and Rudloph, an English Cocker Spaniel.

    Sophie Harkness adopted two pet dogs, Milo,
    Sophie Harkness adopted two pet dogs, Milo,
    Image Credit: instagram.com

    What’s more to this? The price for an English Springer Spaniel dog breed varies from $700 to $1,000 at a local pet shop. Just in a similar case, an English Cocker Spaniel’s cost ranges from $800 to $1,200.

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