• Sophie Belle Clapton

    Eric Clapton's daughter

    Sophie Belle Clapton

  • Facts of Sophie Belle Clapton

    Name Sophie Belle Clapton
    Date of Birth Feb 1 2005
    Zodiac Sign Aquarius
    Gender Female
    Birth Country United Kingdom
    Nationality English
    Ethnicity White
    Net worth $300 Million
    Father Eric Clapton
    Mother Melia McEnery
    Grandfater Edward Walter Fryer
    Grandmother Patricia Molly Clapton

    Sophia Belle Clapton gained the attention of millions of people when she was born into the show business family of rock and blues singer and guitarist, Eric Clapton. Her dad found his first breakthrough with a rock song, For Your Love.

    Sophia was born on 1st February 2005 in the United States of America. She is the third and the last daughter of Eric and Melia McEnery, an administrative assistant. More to this, she hails from Montreal, Quebec descent and belongs to German heritage, where her paternal grandparents, Patricia Clapton and Molly Clapton are the natives.

    Sophie Belle Clapton Family
    Sophie Belle Clapton Family
    Image Credit: pinterest.com

    Clapton has two biological sisters, Julie Rose (born on 13th June 2001) and Ella May (born on 14th January 2003). On the other side, she has two step-siblings, Ruth Kelly Clapton (born in 1986) and Conor Clapton (born on 21st August 1986) from his father’s previous relationships. Unfortunately, her older step-brother at the age of 4 after falling from the 53rd floor of his mother’s apartment on 10th March 1991.

    Salary & Net Worth

    Sophie Belle Clapton is not mature enought to earn a subsequent fortune up until now. But, his father, Eric, grasps an impressive net worth of $300 Million as of 2020. Throughout his musical career, he earned total earnings of $78,795,500, including record sales from 1966 to 2013.

    According to Surrey Life Magazine, Sophie’s dad, Eric is present at #17 on the list of “Richest Surrey Residents” with $13,549,800 in assets. More to that, he has a string of expensive Ferrari brands like Ferrari SP12 EC and some other cars, including a Vintage Mini Cooper Radford, gifted by George Harrison.

    Do you know? Sophie’s father, Eric is a philanthropist who founded the Crossroads Center foundation to cure drug and alcohol addictions. Back in 1999, he delivered his acoustic album for $5 Million to raise money for the charity. He further donated $7.4 Million from his second guitar album, Cream in 2004. Also, read Zoe Samuelssons family net worth and status.

    Relationship Status

    The 15-year-old Sophie’s parents, Eric and Melia, have been sharing their amazing chemistry for more than two and a half decades. The couple had their first encounter at a party in Columbus, Ohio, where Eric impressed her from his musical performance in 1998. After the night of the party, they began dating despite the fact that Eric was 31 years older than Melia, who was only 22-year-old at that time.

    The pair then publicly announced that they were dating for overall one year secretly in 1999. Following a year, they united as husband and wife at St. Mary Magdalene church in Ripley village of Surrey, England on 1st January 2002.
    Since then, the longtime marital partners are capturing a glance of memories from their marriage. They are blessed with one grandchild, a baby boy, Eric Owen Bartlett (born in June 2013) from Eric’s older daughter, Ruth, and her husband, Dea Bartlett.

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