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Facts of Ryan Melche

Name Ryan Melche
Birth Name Ryan Melche
Gender Male
Net worth $50 Million
Girlfriend Brittney G. Marie
Father Terry Melcher
Mother Jacquline Carlin
Grandmother Doris Day

Ryan Melcher is the only grandson to one of the most famous actresses of all time, Doris Day. Although Doris may not be a known name today, during her time, she was a household name among the people.

Ryan, being the only grandson of Doris is also an award-winning luxury real estate agent. Unlike other children of the famous personality, Ryan was a hardworking and dedicated person from his childhood.

He works as a high-end marketing officer for OceanFront, Ocean View, Golf Course, Down Town and estate properties in Carmel and Pebble beach. 

Terry Melcher And Jacquline Carlin’s Marriage Life

Ryan’s parents were also very much famous during their days in the 1970s. Ryan’s father, Terry Melcher was a famous American record producer, singer, and songwriter.

He was married thrice in his life but had only 1 child from his second wife, Jacquline Carlin. The exact date of their marriage is not known to the public but were divorced by late 1997. 

Jacquline Carlin was an American actress who acted in films like Thank God It’s Friday, Bronk, and a few more. She became the hot topic of media after she divorced her former husband, Chevy Chase, and married Terry Melcher.


Ryan was born on 22 May 1983 in Carmel, United States. After his grandmother moved to Carmel in 1970, Ryan’s parents moved to the same place along with her.

He completed his high school at Carmel Mission School. furthermore, information about his education is still behind the curtain. ‘

Ryan was the only child born to his parents. He spent most of his childhood mountain biking, surfing, and golfing around the Peninsula. 

Death of his father and grandmother

Ryan lost his biological father at the early age of just 21. Terry Melcher died in the year, 2004 after suffering many years of illness. After that, Ryan was very close to his grandmother as they were living with their stepmother, Teresa. 

Grandmother Terry Melcher
Grandmother Terry Melcher
Source: @Ryan_melcher_Propertes

In the May of 2019, Ryan was devastated by the loss of his grandmother. Ryan was very much influenced by his grandmother. Her death became a turning point in his life.

Ryan’s Girlfriend 

Ryan has been in a serious relationship with his girlfriend, Brittney G. Marie for the last 3 years. Ryan and Brittney are found to be spending a lot of time together with each other. 

Ryan with his girlfriend together attending a function
Ryan with his girlfriend together attending a function
Source: @Ryan_melcher_Propertes

Although they can be seen going on vacation most often but there have been no rumors of them getting engaged or getting married. The lovely couple is expected to marry sometime in the near future. 

Ryan’s Net worth and Lifestyle 

Ryan has an estimated net worth of $50 Million. In a career of more than a decade, Ryan has been able to earn a lucrative amount of money. He has alongside being a real state agent, inherits the property of his grandmother and father. 

Ryan's home in California
Ryan’s home in California 
Source: Ryanmelchar

As the only grandson of the famous star, Ryan has been living a rich lifestyle on his own. He is seen going on vacation to various famous holiday destinations around the world. Recently, just about 2 months ago, Ryan with his girlfriend had been to Spain for a vacation. 

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