• Ryan Debolt

    Ryan Debolt

  • Facts of Ryan Debolt

    Birth Name Ryan Debolt
    Date of Birth September 25, 1980
    Gender Male
    Birth Country Mexico City, Mexico
    Nationality Mexican
    Ethnicity White
    Net worth $4.5 million
    Marriage Date 2012 at New York, United States
    Spouse Sara Ramirez

    Ryan Debolt is first and foremost regarded as Sara Ramirez’s boyfriend. But he’s a lot more than that. Ryan Debolt is a business analyst professionally. In the past, he worked as a business analyst at TIMEC to help the company expand. Yet his whereabouts are not very clear at the moment.

    Ryan was born in Mexico on 25 September 1980. Ryan Debolt is 39 years old at the moment. His family was born in Mexico and soon moved to and settled in Mexico. Ryan’s ethnicity is mixed and belongs to the Mexican and Irish nationality.

    Ryan Debolt Net Worth $ 4.5 million

    Ryan is a very successful business analyst in his work and works hard to meet these expectations. He now has a net worth of 4.5 million dollars, while his wife Sara has a massive net worth of about 5 million dollars.

    Ryan Debolt Married to Sara Ramirez

    Ryan DeBolt encountered Sara Ramirez for the first time in an “after-after” party. The two soon began dating and took part in 2011 after DeBolt arranged an incredibly romantic proposal for the actress in Paris. Both were married in the presence of close friends and family at a beachfront venue in New York City on 4 July 2012.

    Ryan Debolt proposed to Sara Ramirez
    Image: Ryan Debolt proposed to Sara Ramirez
    Sources: Pinterest

    At a conference in 2016, Ramirez publicly revealed her sexual orientation. She actively supports LGBT rights and is a member of the Board of Directors of the True Colors Fund. It also funds organizations such as NDLON, the Bisexual Organization Project, and Mujeres De Maiz, which aim to improve the LGBT communities. also, read about Larry Caputo bio.

    Is Bisexual Ryan Debolt?

    Sara came out bold in 2018 with a shocking revelation. Although she played the role of a bisexual woman in Grey’s Anatomy, people expected nothing other than heterosexual sexuality in their real life. Yet when she was 18, she said that she knew she was really young bisexual, and so did her closest friends and family. She kept only her sexuality hidden because she worried that the admission would adversely affect her life. It did not affect her career but affected her relationship.

    Ryan Debolt & Sara Ramirez
    Image: Ryan Debolt & Sara Ramirez
    Sources: Twitter

    The character of Callie’s wife Sara Ramirez in the television series ‘ Grey’s Anatomy ‘ is bisexual too. His wife donated her lovely hair in 2016 to “Locks of Love,” a non-profit organization that creates wigs for children with health problems, which lead to hair loss.

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