Robyn Curnow

South African journalist

Robyn Curnow

Facts of Robyn Curnow

Name Robyn Curnow
Gender Female
Birth Country Australia
Nationality South African
Profession Journalist
Net worth $2 Million
Salary $58,432
Marital Status Married
Spouse Kim Norgaard
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Height ‎Cambridge University
Education University of Cambridge


South African journalist, Robyn Curnow is a collector of stories that are necessary for people on a daily basis. She put meaningful work on her coverage to explain what she brought from the staples of experiences in journalism.

Curnow was born in Australia but moved to South Africa with her parents at the time of birth. Since then, she is South African by her nationality. Her grandfather, Syd Curnow was a notable right-hand batsman for South Africa’s national team and member of The Springboks, a rugby union team.

Robyn finished her high school studies from St. Mary’s School for Girls in Waverley, South Africa. She then earned a Bachelor’s in Political Science and Government degree from University Natal in 1994

Curnow became an alumnus of the University of the Witwatersrand in 1999. She further traveled to England for high studies and graduated from Cambridge University with masters of philosophy in international relations degree in 2001.

Net Worth & Salary

Robyn Curnow pursued as a reporter for the South African Broadcasting Corporation radio network in 1995. She then started covering local news for the fresh-to-air news channel, BBC in 2000. Two years later, she joined Cable News Network (CNN) as a news anchor, who covers the breaking news of Europe and Africa.

Atlanta, Georgia-based news anchor, Curnow is earning a handsome salary from her coverage on CNN. So, she might be listed, her annual salary might be similar to a CNN news anchor, which is $58,432. As of 2020, she maintains a whopping net worth of $2 Million.

As a prominent journalist, Curnow received several accolades and honors for her work. She first received a Royal Television Society Award for covering breaking news. She then became a recipient of the Columbia DuPont Award. She also received recognition for two Emmy Awards as a coverage part for CNN. Also, read about CNN Zain Asher‘s net worth.

Relationship Status

International Desk news anchor Robyn is living in a secret marital relationship with her fellow CNN bureau chief, Kim Norgaard. They married in a low-key ceremony in the presence of their close friends, blood relatives, and family members.

After their off-the-closet nuptial, the pair proclaimed that they are going to be parents of their first child. Curnow later gave birth to her a baby girl, Freya Norgaard. More to this, the family of three turned out to be four when the pair welcomed their second daughter.

Robyn Curnow and Kim Norgaard
Robyn Curnow and Kim Norgaard
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Robyn and her husband, Kim went up close with Nelson Mandela on his 90th birthday with their newly-born daughter, Freya on 18th July 2007. They also clicked a picture of Nelson Mandela carrying their daughter on his hands while they looked on. 

On 5th December 2013, the Curnow-Norgaard family paid tribute to the great anti-apartheid revolutionary upon his heartfelt pass away. Robyn also posted a picture of Nelson Mandela with their eldest daughter five days later on Instagram on 10th December 2013.

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