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    Robie Uniacke

  • Facts of Robie Uniacke

    Name Robie Uniacke
    Date of Birth 1961
    Gender Male
    Birth Country United Kingdom
    Nationality English
    Ethnicity White
    Religion Christianity
    Profession Business Person
    Net worth $1 million
    Marital Status Divorce
    Marriage Date (m. 1983–1988)
    Spouse Emma Howard
    Children Solo, Atom, unknown, Olive, Florence, Robie Jonjo, Hector
    Hair Color ‎Dark Brown
    Height ‎5 feet 9 inches (1.75m)
    Father Robie David Corbett Uniacke
    Mother Jennifer Sally Cunningham
    Education Eton College in Windsor, England
    Grandfater Robie Dennis Uniacke

    Robie Uniacke is both a businessman and a mathematical scientist. Robie Uniacke has only gained fame after having a long term relationship with Rosamund Pike, the well-known English actress. Before that, he married the late Earl of Carlisle‘s daughter, Emma Howard.

    Robie Uniacke was born in 1961 in the UK. Reports of his family and early childhood are not available in England. Uniacke is British and belongs to the Caucasian racial group. Robie Uniacke developed a deep interest in mathematics from old age and then graduated with a degree in Mathematics from Eton College in Windsor, England.

    Robie’s Career

    There is not much detail about his work. In addition to being the husband of Emma or Rosamund, however, he is a mathematician. As a “mathematical scholar,” he has a vague reputation. 

    Besides, Rosamund also gives him credit for improving her career. He is a businessman and according to ‘Dailymail UK,’ he was working for as many as three firms in 2008. While his business was not going well, Robie founded Pale Fire Ltd, the IT consulting firm in 2010. However, the corporation declined the bankruptcy in 2016.

    Robie’s Married Life

    Robie Uniacke is not married as of 2018 but has a long-standing relationship with Rosamund Pike, a British actress. The couple began in late 2008 when Rosamund broke up with Joe Wright, and before they canceled their engagement in 2008 due to irreconcilable differences, Wright was the owner. They have together two sons: Solo Uniacke, born on 6 April 2012, and Atom Uniacke, born on 2 December 2014.

    He was committed to Emma Howard, daughter of the late Earl of Carlisle, before his relationship with Rosamund Pike. The couple got married in 1983, at the age of 22. Both were later admitted to recovery centers because of their addictive existence, which ended their marriage. Before they split, they gave birth to a son named Robie Jonjo Uniacke.

    Robie Uniacke and Rosamund Pike
    Image Credit: Pinterest

    Robie married Rose Batstone, an interior designer, after his first divorce. The lovebirds were married for many years and had two sons: Hector Uniacke and Olive Uniacke and Florence Uniacke before divorcing her.

    Like Robie and his partner, Rosamund Pike‘s relationships were also broken. She was in ties with Simon Woods for the first time. They met at the University of Oxford and began to know each other. Their partnership lasted just two years and was short-lived. She worked with director Joe Wright, now married to Haley Bennett, but in 2008 the pair broke down to avoid marriage.

    Robie’s Net Worth-$2.3 Million

    Robie Uniacke, the director of a well-known company, may have received a decent deal of money from the transaction, but the precise net worth is still not available. Rosamund Pike’s wife, Robie Uniacke, is reported to have a net worth of 9 million dollars. In 2013, the actress was paying an annual salary of $500K.The happy couple now lives in their $2.3 million mansions in Islington, North England.

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