• Raven Abaroa

  • Facts of Raven Abaroa

    Date of Birth 10th November 1979
    Gender Male
    Birth Country United States of America
    Nationality American
    Ethnicity White
    Profession N/A
    Net worth N/A
    Marital Status yes
    Marriage Date 2000 , 2008
    Spouse Janet Christiansen, Vanessa Pond
    Children Kaiden Abaroa
    Father Karyn Bolton
    Mother Karyn Abaroa-Bolton
    Education N/A

    Raven Abaroa doesn’t have to make a lousy step over his wife, Janet Abaroa, with domestic abuse because it gets worse over time with a violation in the family. When an underlying issue behind the doors between the married couple happens, it changes everything and breaks the relationship into pieces.

    Abaroa was born on 10th November 1979 in the United States of America and hold American citizenship. He is the son of Karyn Bolton (father) and Karyn Abaroa-Bolton (mother), who belongs to white ethnicity/white. So, what is happening in Abaroa’s personal life? Let’s check out in the following sections below.

    Abaroa’s Married Life with Late Wife, Janet Abaroa

    The 40-year-old, Raven was in a blissful conjugal relationship with Janet Christiansen, who is the seventh siblings out of 10 from a strongly believing Mormon family. The two had their first encounter while studying at Southern Virginia University in 1998 and instantly began dating.
    After dating for almost two years, the couple became engaged and started their wedding planning. The two then walked down the aisle in August 2000 at the Mormon temple in Washington, District of Columbia.

    Raven Abaroa and Janet Abaroa during their wedding day
    Picture: Raven Abaroa and Janet Abaroa during their wedding day
    Source: WBTV

    At the time of the pair’s wedding, their friends and family said they are looking perfect, where the bride, Janet wore a gorgeous white slash neck solid lace floor-length gown. On the other side, the groom, Abaroa was in a slim-fit black tuxedo, and a white undershirt tied up with a white tie as well as a white flower on his left pocket.

    Upon their grand nuptial, the newlywed couple settled down in southeastern Virginia. Later, they found a job to do in Durham at a major sports apparel company. Their marital life became perfect after Janet gave birth to a baby boy, Kaiden Abaroa, on 18th October 2004.

    Raven Abaroa and his late wife, Janet Abaroa with their son, Kaiden
    Photo: Raven Abaroa and his late wife, Janet Abaroa with their son, Kaiden
    Source: Daily Mail

    The couple’s life was going great, but the happiness didn’t last after Raven was caught stealing the sports material from the company’s store. After the hilarious thing happened, Janet decided it will be easy to resign from the job but didn’t leave Raven alone. Later, he pleads guilty to five chars of embezzlement, which made him free from serving in prison.

    On 26th April 2005, Janet was killed at her home with a knife stabbed in her chest and neck. At that time, the couple’s child, Kaiden, was in another room. At 10:45 p.m., when Raven came home after playing soccer with his friends, he found Janet’s dead body on the floor with blood everywhere.
    He then called at 911 call and told the operator, “His wife is dead, and she’s been shot or something, there’s blood everywhere and she isn’t breathing.” Before the incident, Janet was working in the laundry field, and Abaroa was cleaning the house, according to a police report. Sadly, the pair’s marriage only lasted for five years after Janet’s tragic death.

    Raven Committed for the Second Time with Vanessa Pond

    Shortly after the death of Janet, Raven moved to Salt Lake City, Utah, with his 6-month-old year child, Kaiden, in 2005. He then met a beautiful young woman, Vanessa Pond, who was taking her daughter at the same child care, where Abaroa’s son enrolled.

    The duo then became good friends shortly after a while and started dating. Three years later, the pair became engaged and exchanged their wedding vows in 2008, where they invited their close wedding guests. After the wedding was over, Vanessa found Raven was abusive.

    Raven Abaroa with his second wife, Vanessa Pond
    Snap: Raven Abaroa with his second wife, Vanessa Pond
    Source: NBC News

    Following that, the pair filed for divorce after four months of marriage, due to some misunderstandings. When the court finalized their divorce, Vanessa filed a case against Abaroa to open the mysterious death of Abaroa’s first wife in 2009.

    Murder Mystery of Raven’s First Wife Due to His False Statement

    Back in 2010, after Vanessa’s appeal for reopening the cold case of Janet’s death, a police detective, Charles Sole, claimed a contact lens that Abaroa’s first used to wear and took off at bedtime. It claims Raven’s statement to be false, and the police arrested Raven on 1st February 2010 with charging first-degree for the death of his wife, Janet, in April 2005.

    Raven Abaroa was found guilty over his wife, Janet’s murder case
    Image: Raven Abaroa was found guilty over his wife, Janet’s murder case
    Source: Raleigh News & Observer

    On 12th March 2014, Raven entered in the Supreme Court, and plead guilty as voluntary manslaughter. Later, the law justice took action against Raven and sentenced him for seven years and 11 months in prison. The reason why Raven killed his wife is that he found Janet was pregnant with her second child or a $500 Thousand insurance policy of his spouse.

    Where is Abaroa Now? His Current Marital Status

    After staying behind bars for almost eight years, Raven came out of the prison on 25th December 2017. It seems like Abaroa is now living a simple life with his 14-year-old teenage son, Kaiden. He currently resides in the area of Utah, where his mom, Karyn, and his step-dad, Jim Bolton, also resides.

    Raven Abaroa & Janet Abaroa’s son, Kaiden is now a 14-year-old teenager
    Photo: Raven Abaroa & Janet Abaroa’s son, Kaiden is now a 14-year-old teenager
    Source: Fine A Grave

    On behalf of Abaroa’s life, he is currently living a single life after facing two failed marriages. He is currently concentrating on his day-to-day curriculum activities so that he wouldn’t be able to link into a new relationship affair with new women up until now.

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