Nicholas Morgan Lieberman

Marilu Henner's son

Nicholas Morgan Lieberman

Facts of Nicholas Morgan Lieberman

Name Nicholas Morgan Lieberman
Date of Birth 1994
Gender Male
Birth Country United States of America
Nationality American
Father Robert Leiberman
Mother Marilu Henner
Education Graduation

Imagine never being able to effectively lie to your parents because your mom never forgets anything in her life, including all the awkward situations she’s caught you in. While it may sound like a bad movie plot, it is the reality for Nicholas Morgan Leiberman, the son of Marilu Henner and Robert Leiberman.

Both of his parents are quite well-known, compared to him, obviously, but the young Leiberman also has had a career in cinema, following the footsteps of his parents. So, today, we are going to take a look at the story of Nicholas Morgan Leiberman.

Birth and Early Life

Born in the year 1994, his birth was soon followed by the birth of his brother Joseph Marlon Leiberman, a year later. He shared a home with a sibling throughout his childhood. But his biological father Robert Leiberman and his mother filed for divorce in the year 2001.

1Marilu and her sons
Picture:Marilu and her sons

The children then lived with their mother, who had filed for custody; before she remarried after 5 years, to her true love Michael Brown. They knew each other from college, because Michael was Marilu’s roommate’s boyfriend. They dated for three years before they decided to get married. 

Career and Education

Nick Lieberman attended Stanford University and graduated a few years ago. He has been involved in every aspect of filmmaking, from a gaffer to production to an actor. He has been producing and directing short movies and documentaries since the year 2010.

His career formally started with a short The Boss, where he made his first appearance as an actor, and has been working his way up the ladder, step by step. In one of his shorts, The Forest King, his mother Marilu has appeared too. The latest of his projects is a short Goodpain, which he directed, back in 2017.


Anyone who checks Nick’s Instagram can easily find out that the lad is in a relationship with Molly Gordon, who’s already made a name for herself. But what they don’t know is that they are high-school sweethearts and have been together for a real long time.

Molly and Nicky have been in a relationship for a long time.
Picture: Molly and Nicky have been in a relationship for a long time

Molly recently appeared in Booksmart, a comedy movie released back in 2019. Despite all the success, she has not let fame come between her and her boyfriend.

Net Worth-2022

It would be fair to say that Nicky doesn’t have much of a career, right now; but he’ll undoubtedly have one in the future. Despite inheriting and honing all the talents of his parents, he hasn’t got his big break yet, but it doesn’t mean that it’ll never happen.

Through various meticulous calculations and analysis of sources, it can be concluded that the amateur film director is worth about $10 thousand. But, his mother Marilu Henner is worth over $10 million, so she could sure lend him a few. 

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