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    Nancy Grace

  • Facts of Nancy Grace

    Name Nancy Grace
    Birth Name Nancy Ann Grace
    Date of Birth October 23, 1959
    Zodiac Sign Scorpio
    Gender Female
    Birth Country Macon, Georgia, United States
    Nationality American
    Profession American commentator
    Net worth $25 Million
    Salary $105,179
    Marital Status Married
    Spouse Nancy Grace
    Children John David and Lucy Elizabeth Linch
    Hair Color Brown
    Eye Color Blue
    Education Windsor Academy, New York University
    TV Show Nancy Grace


    American commentator, Nancy Grace is one of the highly-praised news personalities, who covered the most-watched story of the O.J. Simpson robbery case. She also talked on several controversial stories, Elizabeth Smart kidnapping, Danielle van Dam case, Duke Lacrosse allegations, Suicide of interviewee Melinda Duckett, and Caylee Anthony case.

    Grace was born as Nancy Ann Grace on 23rd October 1959 in Macon, Georgia, United States. She is the youngest child of Elizabeth Grace, a factory worker, and Mac Grace, former Southern Railway freight agent. 

    Nancy has two older siblings, including one brother, Mac Grace Jr., and Ginny Grace. Besides, she is a graduate of Windsor Academy in the class of 1977. She later enrolled at Valdosta State University but transferred to Mercer University, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in English literature degree.

    Upon post-graduation, Grace received the Juris Doctorate degree from the Walter F. George School of Law. She further went to New York University, where she achieved a Master of Laws in Constitutional and Criminal Law degree. Not just that, she studied litigation at the Georgia State University College of Law and business law at GSU’s School of Business.

    Salary & Net Worth

    Nancy Grace began her career as a prosecutor and worked with the Atlanta-Fulton County, Georgia District’s office, and the Supreme Court of Georgia. Furthermore, she became a legal commentator and broadcaster for Court TV’s several news programs from 1996 to 2007. She then served as a political commentator for CNN’s Headline News from 2005 to 2016.

    Grace has been working as a legal analyst and commentator for ABC News program, Grace vs. Abrams alongside Dan Abrams since 2018. So, she might be receiving an average salary of $105,179 from the percentile ratio of $101,155$109,204. Back in 2013, she received a fruitful salary of $5 Million with additional bonuses of $100,000. Her net worth is $25 Million in 2020. Also , read about Robin Meade‘s net worth and status.

    Relationship Status

    The 60-year-old, Grace is maintaining a blissful marriage with her husband, David Linch, who is an investigative banker for almost one and a half-decade. The duo is college sweethearts, who met at Mercer University during the period of 1970s. After graduating from the university, they stayed in a long-term relationship and finally became engaged in the mid-2000s.

    Nancy Grace with her husband, David Linch
    Nancy Grace with her husband, David Linch
    Image Credit: pinterest.com

    The couple then walked down the aisle in a small private ceremony on 21st April 2007 in Atlanta, Georgia. During that time, Nancy’s hometown Methodist pastor performed their nuptial. While they were exchanging vows, Grace’s favorite song, Moon River from the Book of Ruth. The bride donned in a bridal veil gown of her sister while her groom stunned in a black tuxedo.

    A few months later, Nancy announced that she is expecting her first child with her husband, Linch on the HLN talk show on 26th June 2007. The pair welcomed fraternal twins, including a boy, John David Linch (weighed 5 lbs., 1 oz.), and Lucy Elizabeth Linch (weighed 2 lbs., 15 oz.) on 4th November 2007 in Atlanta, GA.

    Prior to Grace’s marriage with Linch, she was romantically involved in a relationship with her fiance, Keith Griffin during her college days. Unfortunately, Griffin was murdered by his former co-worker, Tommy McCoy due to some personal issues. 

    McCoy got arrested and spent ten years for aggravated assault and went to life imprisonment for murder. Later, he came out from the prison on parole from the Georgia Department of Corrections on 5th December 2006.


    The Eleventh Victim author, Grace has an immersible connection with animals and loves to spend quality time with it. She currently possessing a pet dog, Laurie, which is a Portuguese Podengo Pequeno dog breed.

    Nancy Grace Pet Dog, Pequeno
    Nancy Grace Pet Dog, Pequeno

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