• Megan Fahlenbock

    Megan Fahlenbock

  • Facts of Megan Fahlenbock

    Date of Birth June 30, 1971
    Gender Female
    Birth Country Toronto, Canada
    Nationality Canadian
    Net worth $100K – $1 Million
    Salary Unknown
    Spouse Alex Karzis
    Children N/A
    Height 1.69 m.
    Weight Unknown
    Father Unknown
    Mother Unknown
    Education Degree in anthropology

    Actors’ faces are usually recognizable, for it is what we see on the screen, all the time. But that is not the case for Megan Fahlenbock, who is a well-recognized voice too, for she’s a voice actor and an on-screen actor. Surprise surprise!

    The Canadian is a well-known voice and face in TV, movies, and games, though her career on the latter only consists of two titles. So, today, we are going to take a look at the story of Megan Fahlenbock.

    Childhood and Early Life

    The Canadian actor was born on June 30, 1971, in Canada. She shared a home with two siblings, Charlie and Annie. She has been entertaining people since she was very young. Her family moved all the time, when she was little, so as a survival mechanism, what she adopted in school quickly became her act.

    1Megan, back when she was a child
    Image: 1Megan, back when she was a child Source: Pinterest

    Figuring out that the fastest way to make friends was to be funny, and say yes to everything, she ended up participating in every extracurricular activity possible, which landed her on center stage playing Peter Pan in grade 6. She was so realistic in the play, she has nickname Peter, which might have been because no one knew her real name, but regardless, Megan had found her calling. And she hasn’t looked back.

    When Megan was 8, she registered herself under the name “Michael” so she could play in a hockey league, since girls were not allowed to play at that time. But then, she became the top scorer and was allowed to stay on the team. Playing in that boys’ league for two seasons, she had proved her worth, and in the second season, she was no longer the only girl in the league. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Anthropology from McGill University in Montreal, Quebec.

    Starting Career From TV Series

    Before we get into her career, we wish to start with an interesting fact. She was once a professional jet-skier, touring the world, making a few public appearances. That was said, let’s get into the details of her acting career.

    She made her acting debut in 1987 on the TV series Lena: All My Children, and has had a lucrative career. The highlight of her film career can be considered playing the role of Maria Mapes in Resident Evil, back in 2004. She has appeared in 9 movies so far, with the tenth being under production. She has performed around 50 TV shows, the most notable ones being Suits, a voice in 6teen, and Cry Rape.

    2Megan's Facebook post, back when she was fired from Total Drama in 2018.
    Image: 2Megan’s Facebook post, back when she was fired from Total Drama in 2018. Source: Twitter

    She was heartbroken when she was fired from Total Drama back in 2018. She bid farewell to her character Gwen, and to be honest; she shouldn’t have been fired.

    Net Worth: $2.5 million

    The actress has had a lucrative career, which is understandable since she’s very talented. Her performances are full of life, and her characters are very realistic. Her voice acting is top-notch too.

    After some thorough calculations, insider analysis, and controlled study, we have concluded that the Canadian actress is worth $2.5 million, as compared to another actress Angie Janu net worth is $ 4 Million for compression, which is very impressive, compared to other actors, who have earned only one of the two things that makes them a celebrity.

    We cannot go into detail about her relationship since she respects her privacy, and we have to respect it too. But it appears that she has two children, whom she watched a game of women’s hockey with.


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