Megan Borowski


Megan Borowski

Facts of Megan Borowski

Name Megan Borowski
Gender Female
Birth Country New Jersey, United States of America
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession Meteorologist
Net worth $850,000
Salary $93,217
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Education Bachelor of Science (B.S.)


American meteorologist, Megan Borowski is familiar with the atmospheric weather and its phenomena climate. She is now informing people of Alachua County, New Jersey about the tornado warnings that are coming from Tallahassee to the Apalachicola of Florida and further.

Borowski was born and raised in the state of New Jersey, United States of America. From a very young age, she created a strong interest in reading and watching weather forecasting news. She also participated in essay writing competitions during her high school days.

Megan enrolled at Rutgers University in 2015 with a scholarship of her academic performance. She later became a member of he Matthew Leydt Society and volunteered as a presenter for the 2016 Undergraduate Research and Writing Conference, “Run-off Remedy: Storm Drain Inlet Filters to Control Eutrophication of the Barnegat Bay.” 

Borowski then graduated with a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Atmospheric Sciences and Meteorology degree and indicted into the Summa Cum Laude honorary group at the university in 2018. So, what is going in Borowski’s personal life?

Salary & Net Worth

Megan Borowski started her career as a secretary of research and organization at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Toms River, New Jersey in 2012. After working for three years, she joined Loggerhead Marinelife Center as a senior counselor in 2017. She worked as a meteorologist for news channels, like WNBC, ABC News, and Mathnasium – The Math Learning Center.

worked as a meteorologist for news channels
worked as a meteorologist for news channels
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Borowski is serving as a meteorologist for the University of Florida Weather (UFWeather) since 2019. She earns an average salary of $93,217 from the lower and higher percentage of $71,998 $115,736, comparable to UFWeather meteorologist’s income. She maintains a fruitful net worth of $850,000 as of 2010.

Relationship Status

A nature enthusiast, Borowski is a secretly married woman, who has kept her husband’s identity under the curtains for many years. She tied the knot with her mysterious spouse in a quit ceremony in between their close relatives, family, and friends.

The couple does not welcome any children until now. But, they might be planning to share the bundle of joys in the future. They currently reside in the greater Gainesville metropolitan area of Florida. Also, read about Jackie Guerrido‘s relationship status.


Florida-based meteorologist, Megan is an animal lover, who is possessing a pet dog, which is a Yorkshire Terrier breed. Moreover, she often shares a glimpse of photos with her pet on social media.

Do you know how much is a Yorkshire Terrier dog breed can cost upto? Well, this type of dog breed’s price varies from $3,500 to $10,000. Nevertheless, it can be found at a fair cost of $6,750 from a local breeder.

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