Maui Chapman

Leland Chapman's ex-wife

Maui Chapman

Facts of Maui Chapman

Name Maui Chapman
Date of Birth 1957
Gender Female
Birth Country Kailua, Hawaii, United States of America
Nationality American
Ethnicity Asian
Profession Family Member
Net worth $2 Million
Marital Status Divorce
Marriage Date 1994 to 2005
Spouse Leland Chapman
Children Dakota Chapman, Cobie Chapman
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
TV Show Dog the Bounty Hunter

Maui Chapman, recognized as Leland Chapman’s ex-wife and bounty hunter, is only rarely featured in the newspapers.

The day of Maui Chapman’s arrival and the destination was confirmed to be 1957 in Kailua, Hawaii, USA. Maui’s in 60s Leland Chapman, who was a cast member of the TV show “Dog, the Bounty Hunter,” obsolete Maui Chapman for some time.

Until she married Leland Chapman, Maui Chapman was not a prominent public figure. Maui has done her best in the union to maintain a low profile and hardly created appearances. Maui and Leland have struggled to receive their affection, such as star couples.

MAUI Married Life

Previously, Maui Chapman married Leland Chapman (a bail bondsman and American bounty hunter). They married in 1994 after several months. Two children are named Cobie Chapman and Dakota Chapman together.

Maui Chapman with Husband Leland and Daughter
Maui Chapman with Husband Leland and Daughter
image Sources: pinterest

Her husband Leland had gone to custody for the murder, and they did not have a successful marriage, so they agreed to divorce. After being married for ten years, they were divorced on 21 April 2005. There was an ugly dispute due to a lack of a prenuptial divorce agreement.

The Reason Behind Divorce

From the media, the explanation behind the divorce is irreconcilable. And they also said that Leland kidnapped Andrew Luster, Max Factor cosmetics heir and since then Maui Chapman has begun to divorce her wife, Leland Chapman. After a few days, his husband was released under parole and did not come back to Mexico for a court hearing.

Maui Chapman and Leland Chapman
Maui Chapman and Leland Chapman
Image Sources: pinterest

MAUI’S Children

Born in 1995, Dakota Chapman is 26 years old. Dakota followed his father’s direction, Leland, and became a hunter of goods. He was also playing in CMT’s Dog & Beth On The Hunt Season 2. She also has two grandsons.

Cobie is also Maui and Leland’s youngest sibling. He was born in Hawaii on December 7, 2020, making him twenty. The mother of two controls her children’s time.

Pop culture has confirmed that Cobie shared with her mother, Maui Chapman, a lot of photos while posing in front of the decorated Christmas trees.

The mother and son shone huge smiles in one of the pictures, as they represent together. Cobie writes in the caption, “If no one is there, you are, I love you, Mama.” But the pictures were taken from Cobie’s Instagram.

He is a surfer and has surfed since he was eight years old. He also served in several surf schools. He also holds Lifeguard, First Aid, CPR, and AED certifications and has worked as a fugitives rehabilitation service.

He is the owner of Cobie Chapmans Big Island Surf Co and his own company, selling T-shirts and other products.

Maui Net Worth- $2 million

The marriage between Maui and Leland has also had her immense fame. While there was no update or report on her life, as a famous spouse, she allegedly enjoyed huge sums. According to Net Worth, her ex-husband Leland Chapman had a net worth of $2 million as of February 2020, while online reports alleged Maui to have a six-digit cash prize. Also, know about Lois Clarke net worth

Reportedly, the A&E reality shows Dog the Bounty Hunter, collected $400 million over eight seasons (2004-2012). Her now ex-husband Leland left the show in 2012, and the same year, the show stopped airing.

In contrast, her dad Duane Lee Chapman, also named Dog, is the richest one in the Chapman family and has a fortune of 6 million dollars by the beginning of 2022.

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