Maggie Elizabeth McGraw

Faith Hill's daughter

Maggie Elizabeth McGraw

Facts of Maggie Elizabeth McGraw

Name Maggie Elizabeth McGraw
Date of Birth August 12, 1998
Gender Female
Birth Country Ameriaca
Nationality American
Net worth $150 million
Height 1.75 M
Weight N/A
Father Faith Hill
Mother Tim McGraw
Education Stanford University

If one of your parents is an artist, and the other one is not, it can be considered quite regular in the grand scheme of things, since art is everywhere. Even if both of your parents are artists, it is not uncommon; artists are drawn to the beauty of art.  But what is uncommon is having parents who are both behemoths in the same form of art.

Of course, we’re talking about Maggie Elizabeth McGraw, the daughter of two of the biggest country artists, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw. Imagine inheriting stunningly good looks, a real strong set of genes, pipes that have sold over 80 million albums collectively, and having award-winning musicians for parents. Who could ask for more?

So, today, we are taking a look at the story of Maggie McGraw.

Childhood and Early Life

Born in August 12, 1998, Maggie McGraw came into the world a year after her elder sister Gracie. And then in 2001, they welcomed another sister, Audrey. Tim nicknamed her Maggie May, but it is rarely used. 

Country's second daughter when she was little
Image:Country’s second daughter when she was little

All three of them grew up in Nashville, which was their parents’ select location for “a good upbringing.” Tim and Maggie claim that raising them in Nashville made it possible for the kids to have some normalcy in life, which is hard to find in the life of a celebrity child.

How’s Maggie?

Maggie attended a private High School, at least on the year of her graduation, if not earlier. Then she attended Stanford University after she graduated high school in 2016. Apparently, she has a band going on at college, like her sister in High-School, but the current state of affairs of the musical group is unknown to the public. 

Maggie has been doing some interesting stuff
Image: Maggie has been doing some interesting stuff

She was a free-bird when it came to studies, but Tim and Faith stated once in an interview that their second daughter was pursuing a degree in Marine Biology. It can be believed that she is on her way to graduate from college, since Instagram posts of her show that she’s been swimming with the fishes; in the marine biologist sense, not the mafia. 

She has a damn good set of pipes too, it goes without saying, but currently, she’s put a career in music on hold for the sake of the sea. Nevertheless, all the power to her in whichever path she chooses to choose, but I sure would buy a record if she released one.

Relationship Status

Maggie is not the one to advertise her relationships on the internet. That being said, she does upload pictures of herself with her friends, some of them being males, which creates a point of interest. Even the most recent one in San Francisco’s Marina District, from 10 hours ago features a handsome male.  

The most recent post by Maggie
Image: The most recent post by Maggie

But, there’s always a gesture, a raised thumb that sticks out like a sore thumb, which is believed to be the universal sign of “Just Friends”. Maybe her privacy is all that matters, or she’s searching for Mr. Perfect. 

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Net Worth: $150 million

We really need to learn to give Maggie a break, since she hasn’t even graduated college yet. I know this may sound disappointing, and obvious; but not everyone from an Ivy League school has a boat-load of money to spend. You have to not attend an Ivy League School for that.

But you know who has a boat-load of money and some more? Her parents. According to reports, it can be assumed that the Tim and Faith are worth almost a whopping $150 million, which is enough cash to buy yourself another Tim and Faith.  


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