• Maggie Bustamante

    Zach Kornfeld's Girlfriend

  • Facts of Maggie Bustamante

    Name Maggie Bustamante
    Gender Female
    Birth Country United States of America
    Nationality American
    Net worth $150000
    Boyfriend Zach Kornfeld
    Marital Status Dating
    Hair Color Dark Brown
    Eye Color Hazel

    The most precious moment in life can be felt at the time of falling in love with the person whom the whole time can go smoothly. When it comes to Maggie Bustamante and Zach Kornfeld, both are feeling the blossoms of beautiful things going in their adventurous life.

    Bustamante loves to eat because she is a health and wellness junkie. Other than that, she is in the grip of an obsession for design and style. If you want to know more amusing things about Bustamante’s personal life, then stay with us till the end.

    Dating Life with Screenwriter, Zach Kornfeld

    Los Angeles-based model, Bustamante is in a long-term relationship with Zach Kornfeld, who is a screenwriter and producer for the BuzzFeed media group. The couple started dating in 2016 after meeting for the first time. A few months later, they spotted for the first time in a typical costume on Instagram on 31st October 2016.

    Maggie Bustamante with boyfriend, Zach Kornfeld
    Maggie Bustamante with boyfriend, Zach Kornfeld
    Image Credit: instagram/magsbustamante

    Following two years in close-relationship, Maggie’s boyfriend, Zach revealed their secret dating life by creating a youtube video, “My Secret Girlfriend,” on 12th December 2018. Since then, they are open about their love life. Also, read about Eliza Hutton‘s relationship status.

    Boyfriend, Zach’s Battle with Autoimmune Disease

    American fashion model, Maggie was a defender for her boyfriend, Zach, during his sick condition. He was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis, which is an inflammatory disease that comes from an autoimmune disease. He used to suffer from chronic back pain, but Maggie pushed him to get relaxed from the pain with her care.

    Eventually, Zach started feeling much better with the support of Maggie and defeated the disease out of his body. Finally, he made it and appreciated her for giving him the confidence to battle with the disease. None other than this, she also encouraged him to start an independent media house with his friends.

    Maggie’s Net Worth

    Maggie Bustamante is one of the aspiring models, who is earning a substantial fortune from her profession. Likewise, a fashion model in America makes $50,799 as an average wealth per year. So, her per annum income might be listed on the same figure. She has a net worth of $150,000 as of 2020.

    Just like Maggie, her boyfriend Zach is collaborating on a youtube channel, The Try Guys, which has 7.25 million subscribers with 1.2 billion views. He and three of his friends bring a short comedy form of viral videos. So, they have current estimated earnings of $165,400$2,6 Million annually from their channel. Reportedly, his net worth is $2.1 Million in 2020.


    1. Maggie Bustamante is an avid traveler who visited Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, and many other beautiful places.
    2. Bustamante frequently promotes various clothing and cosmetic brands like Aritzia, Lack of Color Hats, One & Only Wolgan Valley, Bailey Nelson, etc. via Instagram.
    3. She and her longtime boyfriend, Zach, possess an Aussie Shepherd breed dog, Bowie.
    4. She made her appearance various times on the online streaming comedy series, The Try Wives.
    5. Her Instagram account displays the full timeline of her relationship with her partner, Zach.

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