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    Lori Petty

  • Facts of Lori Petty

    Birth Name Lori Petty
    Date of Birth October 14, 1963
    Zodiac Sign Libra
    Gender Female
    Birth Country Chattanooga, TN, United States
    Nationality American
    Profession Actress and Director
    Net worth $4 Million
    Boyfriend David Alan Grier
    Hair Color Ash Blonde
    Eye Color Blue
    Height 5 feet 7 inches (1.72m)
    Siblings Lisa Petty

    Strong and lovely Lori Petty is a well-known American actress and producer. She starred in several leading roles, but in the 1991s she was mainly named Tyler Endicott Point Break. She then appeared in The League of Their Own as Kit Keller and was eventually considered leading Tank Girl in 1995.

    Petty was born in Chattanooga Tennessee on October 14, 1963. Petty was raised among three siblings as the eldest child. She was the Pentecostal minister’s daughter. Lori graduated from the North High School in Sioux City, Lowa in 1981, and worked as a graphic designer in Omaha several years before her acting debut.

    Relationship Status – Boyfriend

    Lori has always stayed away from gossip related to marriages, but she is still caught up in a gay scandal. Her identity is frequently challenged, but she has confirmed explicitly that she is not bisexual.

    Her very first overt affair was with actor David Alan Grier in the mid-90s. The pair were often seen together in various events, but the couple stopped seeing each other due to their personal and undisclosed reasons.

    American actress Lori Petty with her sister and mother
    American actress Lori Petty with her sister and mother
    Image Credit: depositphotos.com\

    On Valentine’s Day 2018, Lori recently shared with Gregory Hines an old image which suggested that she had something between them in the past, but that they remain perfect friends.

    Career History

    Petty got her to break with Richard Grieco looking at the Fox Booker. Petty was the surfer who taught Keanu Reeves how to surf in the action thriller of Point Break in 1991. For the film adaptation of the British cult comic book Tank Girl for 1995, she played the title role. Many memorable films include Free Willy, The Poker House, and In the Army Now.

    She also co-starred with her friend Karyn Parsons in the Lush Life TV show but left after the five episodes were canceled. She joined Brimstone’s squad as the owner of Stone’s hotel. She talked to the supervillain Livewire in the Warner Bros. series Superman: The Animated Series and the New Batman Adventure.

    While Lt. Lenina Huxley was initially called the Demolition Man, discrepancies in character leadership led to a redefinition of the role of producer Joel Silver. She appeared in a series of TV ads produced by Merkley Newman Harty‘s Steve Bowen for the 1998 National Thoroughbred Racing Association’s ad campaign Go, Baby, Goand was dubbed “Daddy.

    Petty made her debut as a filmmaker at The Poker House and received her tough childhood award at the Los Angeles Film Festival. She narrated the first three novels by Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum in the series One for Money, Two for Dough, and Three for Getting Deadly. Critt read Reported Books’ unabridged edition. Petty read Simon & Schuster’s abridgments.

    Total Net Worth & Earnings – $4 Million

    As an American actress and the director, she has earned around $4 million net worth. She also is estimated to gain around $120,000 per TV show. She also charges more than $1.5 million per film project. Point Break was released in 1991 and earned around $83.5 million from the box office, making the film worth about $290 million in 2019. As compare with Golshifteh Farahani net worth is $1 Million.

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