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  • Facts of Kimberly Sustad

    Name Kimberly Sustad
    Date of Birth 27th May
    Zodiac Sign Gemini
    Gender Female
    Birth Country Ottawa, ON, Canada
    Nationality Canadian
    Ethnicity Caucasian
    Religion Christianity
    Profession Canadian Actress
    Net worth $500 Thousand
    Marital Status Married
    Spouse Scot Sustad
    Children Vienna Sustad and Ari Sustad
    Hair Color Dark-Brown
    Eye Color Brown
    Height 5 feet 10 Inch (1.78m)
    Weight 57kg
    Body Measurement 32-25-35 in
    Father Graham Starmer
    Mother Sylvia Starmer
    Education Trinity Western University
    Movies The Nine Lives of Christmas

    Kimberly Sustad is a Canadian actress who has appeared in the film and television shows The Nine Lives of Christmas, Supernatural, Continuum, Alcatraz, and Primeval: New World.

    Kimberly Sustad, the famous actress, was born in Ottawa, Canada. She hasn’t disclosed her birthdate and age until now. But it was known from her husband’s Instagram page that she was born on 27 May.

    Her family migrated to Winnipeg, Canada, when she was young. Similarly, she has Canadian nationality and its Caucasian ethnicity. Furthermore, since her childhood, she loves art.


    She completed her bachelor’s in the ‘Trinity Western University’ acting. Besides, she started studying theater after graduating. She used to play in school earlier but learned the craft after graduating from high school.

    Body Measurement

    Kimberly Sustad is 5 feet and 10 inches tall and has a body weight of about 57 kg. She has a good body figure measuring 32-25-35 inches. Kimberly has blue eyes and light brown color on her hair. Kimberly Sustad’s official Instagram account is now active.

    Kimberly’s Married Life with Scot Sustad

    Kimberly Sustad married Scot Sustad, her long-time boyfriend, in the year 2004. Kimberly spends quality time with her husband and plans a progressive family life.

    Likewise, in 2017, the couple was blessed with twin daughters named Vienna and Ari. And also have a third daughter.

    Kimberly Sustad and Scot Sustad
    Kimberly Sustad and Scot Sustad
    Image Credit: Pinterest

    Sustad is faithful to her husband, and the couple has tried every means they can to prevent controversy. As of now, they live a happy lifestyle without any sign of divorce or separation from their children.

    Career from debuting in the film The Nine Lives of Christmas

    Kimberly Sustad joined the stage field debuting in the film The Nine Lives of Christmas, portraying the role of a beautiful girl full of affection and love. 

    She has been a donor to a movie in the same production house, A Bride of Christmas. She also shared the screen in Baby Sellers and Kristen Lehman in motive with Kristie Alley.

    In a dramatic comic movie called One Slight Hitch, Kimberly played a part. Besides, her work even spread to Boeing-Boeing, the Vancouver Arts Club. 

    In films such as The Gourmet detective, Spooksville, and Down River, she made an excellent appearance. Her role in Super buddies like Joanne seems to be suited for the part of her puppy dog.

    The film crew with whom she has been working, who Kimberly uses to push her to do her best in her career.she has also been featured in many TV shows, including Supernatural, Primeval: New Planet, Alcatraz, Continuum and others.

    Total Fortune – $500000

    Kimberly makes a great deal of money through her work as an actress. She might earn profit from other sources, but she did not mention any nonetheless, its net value is about $500,000, which is authoritative.

    Kimberly might have earned a lot of money from specific brands, offers, and commercials as an actress. For now on, she lives in a comfortable home in a wealthy lifestyle with her children. Compare to Lucy DeVito net worth is $15 million.

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