• Kim Caramele

    Kim Caramele

  • Facts of Kim Caramele

    Date of Birth March 24, 1985
    Gender Female
    Birth Country United States of America
    Nationality American
    Net worth $1 million
    Spouse Vincent Caramele
    Height 1.7 M
    Father Gordon Schumer
    Mother Sandra Schumer

    Despite much of her claim to fame coming from being the sister of one of the most prominent female comedians of the modern era, Kim Caramele has an identity of her own, as she is a separate entity from her world-famous sister.

    Kim Caramele clicking selfie
    Image: Kim Caramele

    Not trying to imply that the writer is too different from her sister, or her popularity solely comes from association; though it does to a certain degree, but Kim has worked with herself and with her sister in order to become what she is this day. Therefore, today, we are taking a look at the story of Kim Caramele.

    Early Life

    Kim Caramele was born Kim Schumer to Sandra and Gordon Schumer, after Amy. It is a well-known fact that the Schumers’ childhood was fairly rough, after Gordon Schumer went bankrupt and was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Then their parents divorced, which tore the family apart completely. 

    Image: Kim when she was child

    Their life fell apart after those events, which led them to move to Long Island and start a whole different life altogether. Maybe those events were a blessing in disguise, since the pains of growing up underprivileged might have triggered Schumer and Caramele’s interest in comedy, and broadened their perspective on life. 


    Caramele graduated from South Side High School, Rockville, New York, in 2003. She then attended Pace University and graduated in 2007, earning her degree in psychology. It helped her pursue a career in the same field. 

    She was a school counselor for three years in two different schools. Her work history description on Facebook reads “I basically save kids’ lives all day, no big deal.”


    She left her job as a school counselor back in 2013, intending to be a full-time writer and manager for her sister Amy. And things have been great, so far, since she won an Emmy for her efforts on the production side of things, writing specifically, back in 2016 for Inside Amy Schumer. 

    She is Amy’s writer, a major part of the production team, road crew, and everything else she needs to be. The fact that she won an Emmy reflects on how good she is at everything she does. So, let’s take a look at her relationship with her world-famous sister.

    Kim and Amy

    Kim and Amy are best friends. Having a best friend is good, but having a sister who’s also your best friend is heavenly. Kim and Amy have been each other’s support pillars since childhood, helping each other in everything they do. 

    The sisters are unified, with Kim helping out Amy, and Amy helping out Kim wherever possible, whether it be comedy or just normal life. They are so very alike, despite their difference in age, and some other topics. Amy’s career as a comedian helped Kim do what she loved the most, writing and working with her sister.

    Happily Married

    The couple of Kim and Vince Caramele share an unorthodox marriage. They don’t wear rings, they sleep in separate beds at times, and they love it. The couple have been together for over a decade and the fire still hasn’t died, which is saying something. 

    Kim and Vince Caramele
    Image: Kim and Vince Caramele

    They’re best friends with each other, whether they are fighting like cats and dogs, or deeply in love. Kim stated that the couple are not interested in the usual useless things that couples usually do, in order to gain some likes in social media platforms. She despises, and is confused by the regular old public display of affection among other things. 

    She uploads pictures of her dogs, rather than her husband’s but doesn’t mean they’re not in love. It just means that she is tired of all the regularly useless things that couple do. She also doesn’t intend to have children in this lifetime.

    Net Worth $15 million in 2020

    Kim Caramele is by no means, a very famous person. But, she has worked her way through, in order to gain the status, she has today; therefore, we have decided to speculate on how much she’s worth. 

    Through various calculations, insider analysis, and scrutiny, we have come to the conclusion that the writer-producer is worth in and around $1 million. Her earnings come from working with her sister Amy, who is worth a whopping $15 million. 


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