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  • Facts of Karina Kurzawa

    Name KarinaOMG
    Birth Name Karina Kurzawa
    Date of Birth March 23, 2007
    Zodiac Sign Aries
    Gender Female
    Birth Country Canada
    Nationality Canadan
    Profession YouTuber, Instagram Star, Gamer
    Net worth $200 Thousand
    Hair Color Light Blonde
    Eye Color Blue
    Height 5 ft 1 in / 1.56 m
    Weight 50 kg
    Father Freddy Kurzawa

    American youtuber, Karina Kurzawa enormously gained attention after she started uploading some toy tutorials and gaming reviews on her YouTube channel, GamerGirl as well as FUNwithKARINA. She is also a notable gamer in Roblox and Minecraft as an amateur.

    Karina was born as Karina Calor on 23rd March 2007 in Canada. Her father, George Calor aka Freddy Goes Boom, a youtuber. Apart from this, what is going in Kurzawa’s personal life? Find more exciting things about Karina in the following sections.

    Collaborating with RonaldOMG on Joint YouTube Channel, Sis Vs. Bro

    13-year-old youtube star Karina is working with her younger brother, Ronald Calor (born on 3rd September 2008) on a joint Youtube channel, Sis Vs. Bro since 3rd March 2016. The duo uploads videos of doing challenging things while reflecting on their daily lifestyle.

    Up to now, Kurzwara garnered over 12.8 Million subscribers with 5.5 Billion views. So, they might receive estimated monthly earnings ranging from $47,300 to $757,200, and annual income from $567,900 to $9.1 Million.

    Happy to Become an Older Sister of Aria Kurzawa

    Former Minecraft player, Karina has a younger sister, Aria Kurzawa, who was born on 6th June 2019 in Spain. After the arrival of another sibling, she and her brother, Ronald found joy and fall in love with her.

    Motkarina Kurzawaher with Sister, Aria and brother, Ronald
    Motkarina Kurzawaher with Sister, Aria and brother, Ronald
    Image Credit: pinterest.com

    More upon this, Karina’s sister, Aria is now ten months old and could stand by herself. On 6th January 2020, she shared a picture of her baby sister via Instagram, while taking her under the arms. She also mentioned in the caption that she loves her like a little princess.

    Total Net Worth – $200 Thousand

    Karina Kurzawa maintains a net worth of $2.5 Million as of 2020. She earns a subsequent earning from her Youtube channel, GamerGirl, which garners 4.33 million subscribers with a total of over 1.7 billion views. Her monthly income estimates from $24,000 to $383,700 and yearly fortune vary from $287,700 to $4.6 Million.

    Karina’s other YouTube channel, which goes by her name, makes annual average earnings from $13,100 to $210,300. Other than that, she also accumulates adequate wealth as a social media personality, including $1,024-$1,707 from her TikTok account and $1,576.5-$2,627.5 from Instagram per post. know more about youtuber Susan Yara’s net worth details.

    Exciting Facts about Karina Kurzawa

    Karina Kurzawa’s current home is in Spain, where she enrolls at Sotogrande International School. Karina has two pet cats and has an allergy to dogs. Her parents are half-Polish and half-Canadian. Her favorite Youtuber is Miranda Sings. She and her younger brother, Ronald are fond of playing customized games while making new challenges on their YouTube channel, Sis Vs. Bro.

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