• Kai Musk

    Elon Musk's son

  • Facts of Kai Musk

    Name Elon Musk's son
    Date of Birth 2006
    Gender Male
    Birth Country United States of America
    Nationality American
    Ethnicity White
    Profession Celebrity
    Net worth $36.5 billion
    Hair Color Brown
    Eye Color Blue
    Father Elon Musk
    Mother Justine Musk
    Siblings Nevada Alexander, Damian, Saxon, Griffin, Xavier, and X Æ A-12 Musk
    Grandfater Errol Musk
    Grandmother Maye Musk

    Kai Musk is one of the triplet children of an American author, Justine Musk and Elon Musk, who is the chief executive officer of SpaceX, an aerospace manufacture and transportation company. His mother is popular for her first contemporary fantasy book, BloodAngel.

    Kai was born in 2006 in the United States of America. He hails from Regina, Saskatchewan descent, which is his paternal grandmother, Maye Musk’s native place. So, what is he doing nowadays? Let’s take a glimpse of Musk’s personal life.

    Kai’s Parents, Elon & Justin

    Kai’s parents, Elon, and Justin had some beautiful memories together while they were in marital union. The duo is college sweethearts, who had their first meeting at Queen’s University in Ontario, Canada. Soon after that, they began dating on a regular basis.

    The couple united as husband and wife in quite a wedding in January 2000. Unfortunately, they soon ended their marriage with a divorce settlement in 2008, citing irreconcilable differences. Currently, Elon is sending $170,000 for spousal and child support per month.

    Growing Up with Four Siblings

    The 14-year-old, Musk has overall five siblings, including two older brothers, Griffin, Xavier (born as twins in 2004), Damian, and Saxon Musk (born as triplets in 2006). He also has a step-brother, “X Æ A-12” (born on 4th May 2020) from his dad, Elon’s current relationship with Canadian musician, Claire Elise Boucher aka Grimes.

    Xavier, Griffin, Kai, Saxon and Damian
    Xavier, Griffin, Kai, Saxon and Damian
    Image Credit: hmsn.com

    Do you know? The meaning of Kai’s younger step-brother’s name is “The unknown variable my elven spelling of Ai, a precursor to SR-17[Elon’s favorite aircraft],” and it is pronounced as “Ex Ash A Twelve.” Nevertheless, there is no English letter in the characters and it is not said to be a legal name in the state of California. 

    Musk’s Father Married with Talulah Riley

    Kai’s successful dad, Elon started dating an English actress, Talulah Riley in 2008 and after staying in the relationship for two years, they made a plan for a commitment through marriage. The couple then married on 25th September 2010, while greeting their beloved ones at their nuptials.

    The couple, however, divorced after announcing their separation on Twitter in January 2012. In the tweet, Elon said to Riley, “It was an amazing four years that he will love her forever and she will make someone very happy one day.”

    A year later, the estranged pair re-married in July 2013 while making their wedding ceremony off the media’s limelight. But at this time, they ended their on-and-off marital union with filing for divorce in December 2014. They then proclaimed that they are now a divorced couple by the end of 2016. Also, read about Yardley Evans Brunt‘s biography.

    Net Worth of Musk’s Family

    Kai’s father, Elon reportedly maintains a whopping net worth of $36.8 Billion as of 2020. Other than that, he garners a hefty fortune from his shares on Zip2 Co. ($307 Million), SpaceX ($34 Billion), and Tesla ($18 Billion), among various others. In 2020, Forbes magazine listed his name at #31 in the “Most Richest Person in the World.”
    On the other side, Kai’s mother, Justine’s net worth is $5.2 Million. As a creative and experienced novelist, she earns a decent earning from her published works. Her first novel, Blood Angel currently lists for $17.00 in mass-market paperback so that she might be garnering some paycheck from it.

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