• Janice Dean

    Janice Dean

  • Facts of Janice Dean

    Date of Birth May 9, 1970
    Gender Female
    Birth Country Toronto, Canada
    Nationality Canadian
    Net worth $ 2 Million
    Spouse Sean Newman (m. 2007)
    Children Matthew Newman, Theodore Newman
    Height 1.70 M
    Education honors diploma in Radio & Television Broadcasting

    Managing to keep most of your days sunny, despite dark clouds looming on the sky is both brave and important. In a sense, life is much like the weather; inevitable, but predictable. Speaking of the weather, Janice Dean, a senior meteorologist at Fox and the co-host of Fox and Friends, has had her share of rainy days, stormy weathers, natural disasters, and finally, clear blue skies above it all.

    So today, we’re going to take a look at the story of our friend from Fox.

    Early Life

    Janice Dean was born on the 9th of May, 1970, in Toronto, Canada. Though it may seem like cliché, she bears a striking resemblance to her mother. She shared a home with a little brother named Craig, whom she is in very good terms with. 

    Dean attended the Algonquin College of Applied Arts in Technology. The first job she held in broadcasting was as a morning show co-host and reporter for CHEZ-FM in Ottawa. 


    She moved to New York City in 2002 and worked as an entertainment reporter and news editor for the radio program “IMUS in the Morning”, with the infamous Don Imus, who according to her book is a “hard man to work with”, for the lack of a better word.

    She joined Fox in 2004, which came as both a blessing and a curse, in her case. It was undoubtedly an escape from working with Imus, but her life took a turn to a road that wasn’t straightforward. But, she has endured, and managed to keep the same job for almost two decades.

    The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

    Her strange and complicated relationship with the former Fox chairman and CEO, Roger Alies, who was both her perpetrator and guardian angel. The subject is a major topic of discussion, both in her books and real life. Undoubtedly, she vilifies and despises the actions of Ailes, but she also shows a side of him, the side that was kind and loyal, which is unseen in most stories these days.

    1Dean talks about Ailes in her book "Mostly Sunny." Source: Faceboook
    Picture: 1Dean talks about Ailes in her book “Mostly Sunny.” Source: Faceboook

    Dean confirms that Ailes sexually harassed her, but also helped her through her multiple sclerosis diagnosis very early in her career at Fox. It could have been the end of her in broadcast media, but she confirmed that Ailes supported her through the tough times, offering to provide any help that was necessary. 

     Personal Life

    She is married to a fire-fighter, one of the bravest people to walk the earth. His name is Sean Newman, whom she has known as long as she has held her job at Fox. They were introduced to each other by mutual friends. He works for the New York City fire department, and was recently promoted. The couple married in 2007, twice, because they were too stoked the first time. 

    2Dean and her husband Sean Newman.
    Image: 2Dean and her husband Sean Newman.

    They have two children, named Matthew and Theodore, who were born two years apart from each other, in 2009 and 2011, respectively. Sean and Janice have been together through thick and thin.

    Net Worth

    Janice Dean is by no means, a celebrity. In fact, her most popular work apart from her book are her weather reports. Therefore, she is the Spiderman that New York City has, not the one it needs.   

    3Jancie with her children at the release of her another book
    Picture: 3Jancie with her children at the release of her another book

    After thorough calculations, source analysis and insider data, it can be assumed that the Canadian is worth almost $1.0 million, based on her income as an integral part of Fox.  


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