Is There Anyone Whom Rachel Mackley Called Her Husband?

Is There Anyone Whom Rachel Mackley Called Her Husband?

The English Broadcaster, Rachel Mackley, who came to fame for her weather forecasting on the BBC News Channel, has a really successful professional life, but, can the same be said about her personal life?

Today, we are going to talk about the love life of the Weather forecaster, Rachel Mackley. We will look into her current relationship status and also tell you if she’s married or not. Also, get to know if she has any children. So, let’s jump right in, to know about the romantic life of Rachel Mackley.


To talk about the love life of the BBC News Reporter, Rachel Mackley, then she is currently in a romantic relationship with her partner, Lucas. Even the full name of her partner is not known to all of us, as everything of their marriage is kept under the hood. So, it’s really hard to find out if they are married or only dating.

What we know about him, is that he goes by the name ‘snowy_3241’ in his Instagram account. It seems as if the couple is living a happy life as everyone can see from their Instagram posts. Just look at what Lucas thinks of Rachel!
Did you see Lucas’ ‘super fine lady’ line in all of the photos? Well, this really shows his love, doesn’t it?


If you are wondering if Rachel Macley has any children, then we have to say that she has. Well, when we dug up into her Instagram profile, then we found out that she has a son named Alexander.
The couple has tons of photos of their son in their social media accounts. Rachel has her Instagram filled up with the photos of her son. Whereas in his father’s, there are a couple of photos which showcases his outdoor visits.

Image: Rachel Mackley’s son Alexander

Apart from that, the most recent news is that Rachel Mackley is pregnant for the second time. We got the news from the social media account of Rachel as she has been tagged in by Rob Smith. In the post, Rob has captioned humorously that he would go on a diet and also that Mackley is about to go on a maternity leave.

On the whole, it can be said that the life of Rachel Mackley and Lucas is going great even if they have not shared most of their life stories with us. They should be happy as they are going to become parents for the second time.