Herbert Schlosser


Herbert Schlosser

Facts of Herbert Schlosser

Name Herbert Schlosser
Date of Birth 21st April 1926
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Lawyer
Net worth $25 Million
Salary $1,211,018
Marital Status Married
Spouse Judith Schlosser
Hair Color White Brown
Eye Color Blue


Herbert Schlosser is one of the helping hands in the news broadcasting sector, who led the national broadcasting company to a higher level of success. Today, NBC is a global leading news network of various news channels all over the world because of Schlosser’s hard work and dedication for several decades.

Schlosser was born as Herbert S. Schlosser on 21st April 1926 in a resort city, Atlantic City of New Jersey’s Atlantic region in the USA. During his early life, he experienced the events of World War II, while he was a high school student.

After graduating from high school, Schlosser joined Princeton University, a private university based in New Jersey. He then became a part of the summa cum laude honorary group, after earning a Bachelor of Arts (B.A) degree from the university. He holds a Juris Doctorate degree from Yale University’s Law School. Read more about Ian Keasler‘s biography.

Salary & Net Worth

Herbert Schlosser pursued his career in the field of law as a professional lawyer for Phillips, Nizer, Benjamin, and Krim’s law firm. He then joined National Broadcasting Communication (NBC) in 1960. After working for six years, he began working as the head of Burbank, California news broadcasting and program department until 1972.

Schlosser re-joined NBC television network six years later. In 1973, NBC promoted him as their executive president of the broadcasting network and later listed him in the position of president in 1974. He served for all the NBC radio/television, news division networks, and all of them delivered reports to him.

Schlosser is working as an executive vice president for NBC-affiliated electronics company, RCA. So, his annual remuneration is $1,211,018, which is similar to RCA records vice president. He currently maintains a whopping net worth of $25 Million as of 2020.

Throughout the broadcasting career, Schlosser got several achievements and accolades. In 1974, he won a Humanitarian Award at the National Conference of Christians and Jews. He further received a Gold Brotherhood Award in 1978.

Relationship Status

The 94-year-old Schlosser is recalling the most beautiful memories that he captured with his beloved wife, Judith Gassner. The couple married in a small and quiet ceremony in the presence of their dearest parents, family relatives, and close friends.

Herbert Schlosser and Judith Gassner
Herbert Schlosser and Judith Gassner
Image Credit: gettyimages

Schlosser and the vice-chair at the Martha Graham Center of New York, are the proud parents of an award-winning investigative journalist, Eric Matthew Schlosser (born on 17th August 1959). Their son is now a married man, who tied the knot with Shauna Jean Redford in Provo, Utah on 5th October 1985.

The couple became the grandparents of two grandchildren, Conor Schlosser (born on 29th July 1992) and Mica Schlosser (born in January 1991) from Eric and his wife, Shauna. Henceforth, Schlosser’s family currently resides in the greater New York area.

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