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  • Facts of Gwengwiz

    Name Gwen Gwiz
    Date of Birth October 1, 1995
    Zodiac Sign Libra
    Gender Female
    Birth Country Canada
    Nationality Canaian
    Ethnicity White
    Net worth $150,000
    Boyfriend Matty Tingles
    Hair Color White-Brown
    Eye Color Grey-Blue
    Height 5 ft 6 in
    Weight 58 KG


    Gwen Gwiz is a Canadian social media influencer and blogger, who astonishes her fans with the luxurious lifestyle that she is living. Other than that, she is so fond of practicing fashion while appreciating her beauty. She loves to travel and lives a vegan life with anxiety.

    Do you know when Gwiz’s birthday is? Well, she celebrates her born day on 1st October every year, as per her birth year, 1995. She grew up in a metropolitan city of Ontario, Canadia. Meanwhile, she is Canadian by her nationality and her ethnicity is Caucasian white.

    Gwiz went to study in The RTA School of Media Program at Ryerson University after completing her high school graduation. So, what is she doing in her daily curriculum? Is she dating anyone or she is single right now? Let’s take a glance of Gwiz’s personal life below.

    Salary & Net Worth

    Gwen Gwiz is a full-time YouTuber, who loves to share new things like makeup routine, moukbang challenge or makeover roleplay. She currently has 494 thousand subscribers on her youtube channel, Gwen ASMR with 72 million views. So, her monthly earnings start from $199 to $3,200 that accumulates an annual income of up to $2,400$38,200.

    Gwiz also earns a handsome amount of fortune from her Instagram account, where she has 97,585 followers. Reportedly, she collects total earnings from $387.75 to $646.25 per post on Instagram. She currently maintains a total net worth of $150,000 in 2020.

    Relationship Status

    The 25-year-old, Gwiz is currently single and does not have any love chemistry with anyone up until now. In one of her youtube videos, she answered the one important question that she was avoiding for a long time, which is her sexuality. It’s really bad for her male fans who made her crush though she turned out to be a bisexual and supports the LGBT community.

    Gwengwiz and her boyfriend, Matty Tingles
    Gwengwiz and her boyfriend, Matty Tingles
    Image Credit: instagram.com/gwengwiz

    At one time, Gwen dated a Twitch star and vlogger, Matty Tingles aka Matty. The former duo started dating after they made a youtube video in July 2018. Unfortunately, their last video collaboration was a shoe store roleplay on 16th September 2019. Since then, they have never seen each other, but it seems like they are still good friends. Also, read about Vivienne Medrano‘s relationship status.


    Ontario-based Instagram personality, Gwen has a great fondness when it comes to animals and raises her voice against hunting and poaching of rare animals. She currently possesses a pet cat, River, which is a Bicolor cat breed.

    Gwengwiz pet cat, River
    Image Credit: instagram.com/gwengwiz

    On the other side, a Bicolor cat breeds’ price ranges through the percentile of $900$2,000. But, it can be found at a fair cost of $1,450 in a local pet shop from a superior breeder with pedigree.

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