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    Gabriele Corcos

  • Facts of Gabriele Corcos

    Name Gabriele Corcos
    Date of Birth October 7, 1972
    Zodiac Sign libra
    Gender Male
    Birth Country Fiesole, Italy
    Nationality Italian
    Profession Celebrity cook, entrepreneur, and TV personality
    Net worth $7 Million
    Marital Status Married
    Spouse Debi Mazar (m. 2002)
    Children Evelina Maria Corcos, Giulia Isabel Corcos
    Hair Color Balack
    Eye Color Hazel
    Siblings Fabio Corcos
    TV Show Extra Virgin

    Gabriele Corcos is most widely known as a Chef, mostly known as Extra Virgin’s founder and host, Cooking Channel Cooking Show, and Food Network. He also operates The Tuscan Pistol, a Brooklyn, New York restaurant.

    Gabriele Corcos was born on the 7th of October, 1972. Gabriele Corcos was born in Fiesole and raised in Tuscany. He also moved on to the military academy for several years and traveled to many countries before deciding to be a cook after meeting his wife. His career started after uploading videos of him cooking food on Youtube with his friends. It led him to attract a massive fan base with his wife.

    Gabriele’s Career As  Chef

    Gabriele Corcos and his wife were then called upon by the Scripps Interactive Networks as hosts of the show The Boston Globe, which made them even more popular.

    The first season of his series, the Extra Virgin, premiered in 2011. The show was directed by Gabriele Corcos for five seasons and was immensely successful until 2015. Gabriele Corcos has also written and is still famous with a cookbook of the same name. He was also known to engage widely in some charity work.

    He also runs a restaurant in Brooklyn, New York, United States. In May 2015, he started the business and was shut down in 2017. Owners of restaurants earn from $29,000 to $153,000, according to Chron’s numbers. It also offers books through Amazon, the book can be bought hardcover through $21.25, and the Kindle edition can be bought for $16.99.

    Total Net Worth – $7 Million

    Gabriele has earned a huge net worth for the activities he undertakes in the food and entertainment business. According to Wikipedia, Forbes, IMDb&Different Online databases, the net worth of the well-known chef Gabriele Corcos amounts to $7million at the age of 48.

    Although his salary is not exact, TV hosts earn about $46,000 a year on average. Similarly, chefs earn an average of approximately $40,630 a year, and producers make $115,920 a year.

    Married Life With Debi Mazar 

    As far as Gabriele Corcos’ personal life is concerned, we can say that the details are an open book. He began with his girlfriend and later wife Debi Mazar, who is a talented actress. They started an affair in the early 2000s and were married in 2002. The couple’s relationship has grown very well since their marriage.

    Evelina Maria with her Husband Giulia Isabel
    Debi Mazar with her Husband Gabriele Corcos
    Image Credit: tastingtable.com

    The couple had two kids, Evelina Maria and Giulia Isabel, both born in 2002 and 2006. The happy family lives together and does their personal and professional lives well.

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