• Francis Greco

    Francis Greco

  • Facts of Francis Greco

    Date of Birth 1968
    Gender Male
    Birth Country Canada
    Nationality Canadian
    Net worth $14 million
    Salary Unknown
    Spouse Lauren Holly (Divorce)
    Children Henry Greco, George Greco, Alexander Joseph Greco
    Height Unknown
    Weight Unknown
    Father Unknown
    Mother Unknown
    Education Degrees in Economics and Political Science

    Had Lauren Holly been married to Francis Greco before Jim Carey, the story might have been somewhat linear to the plot of Dumb and Dumber. If you heard the stories of the two before they ended up married, you’d be quoting Lloyd Christmas’s line, “So, you’re telling me there’s a chance”, minus the optimism.

    But enough with outdated movie references, we’re here to take a look at the story of Francis Greco, a banker who holds an important position at the Koch Brothers’ company. But his 15 minutes in the limelight comes from having been married to Lauren Holly, who is an actress and an ex-wife of Jim Carey; so without further ado, let’s dive headlong.

    The Birth of Francis Greco

    Entering the world in Canada in the year 1968, it can be said that Francis’ birth was a calculated risk, since his mother is a chartered accountant and his father a banker. But ever since he followed in the footsteps of his parents, showing interest in finance even as a child, it can be said that his parents haven’t thought of it as anything but profit.

    After the completion of his high school, he attended Yale University from the year 1988 and got his degrees in Economics and Political Science in 1992. He also received a gold medal in Economics. After that, he enrolled himself at York University and earned an MBA in Accounting and Finance the following year. After the completion of his educational pursuits, he began his career as a financial advisor.

    Life of A Banker

    Greco was having a fairly stable career in banking, a good life, before Hollywood got a whiff of him. But still, he didn’t let the quasi-stardom ruin the much beloved stability that he had in his life, even after he married Holly.

    In 2013, he landed a job in a significant position in Oil Tycoons the Koch Brothers’ company’s Utah branch and has held a job there ever since. He likes his life like he likes his jobs: stable.

    When Holly met Francis

    Lauren Holly underwent her famous 10-month-long marriage with Jim Carey, and the even more famous divorce, before she was introduced to Francis back in 1999. It was a blind date, arranged by mutual friends; but the circumstances weren’t purely favorable.

    Francis thought she was the typical “Hollywood Actress” and they were both pulling each other’s legs before they fell in love, which is quite impressive, considering the fact that Holly’s last two marriages ended in divorce faster than you could blink.

    Holly's marriage with Francis
    Image: Holly’s marriage with Francis

    After about a year of dating, the couple married each other, on March 10, in Toronto. Francis was 37 at the time, 5 years younger than his wife, which he constantly used to bring up in order to annoy her, when they first started dating.

    In the same year, they moved to suburban Chicago, where they lived with their three adopted children. Henry, George, and Alexander Joseph Greco were without a home, when Lauren decided to adopt them together with her husband. Alexander is named after Holly’s late brother, Alexander Innes Holly, and the first two are biological brothers.

    The End of Love

    Francis and Holly both wished for a quiet family life following her marriage. After more than half a decade, the couple moved to Toronto, where she applied for a Canadian citizenship and tried to revive her career in the entertainment industry. 

    Holly's Family
    Image:Holly’s Family

    Francis’ family

    After over a decade of marriage, the couple grew apart due to their professional lives that led them further apart and got divorced in 2014. They haven’t publicly stated their reasons yet. Holly had the custody of the three kids.

     Net Worth

    It’s safe to say that Mr. Greco has made bank in his career, because he’s literally the bank. His career has been lucrative, and he has been moving all the way to the top, because he’s an intelligent individual.

    So, after some meticulous calculations and insider sources, it can be assumed that the businessman is worth $2.5 million. His career, working with the Oil Tycoons has been the most lucrative one ever.


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