• Fetty Potter

  • Facts of Fetty Potter

    Date of Birth 28th January 1993
    Gender Male
    Birth Country Oakland, CA, United States of America
    Nationality American
    Net worth $200 Thousand
    Salary $64,168

    American skateboarder, Fetty Potter, is one of the most highlighted celebrities who came to attention with his fantastic stunt videos on YouTube channel, Braille Skateboarding, as well as his channel, FettyPotter. He is also well known as the founder of UBG – Ugly Boi Gang. Other than that, he is running an online store, Motiv, as a co-owner.

    Potter was born as Jason Semmel on 28th January 1993 in Oakland, California, United States. He is an American by his nationality and belongs to white ethnicity/race. So, what’s going in Potter’s life? Is he dating a new girlfriend or he is single in 2020? Let’s read more below.

    What is Fetty Potter’s Current Relationship Status?

    The 27-year-old, Jason Semmel aka Fetty Potter, is reportedly single as of 2020. Even though he isn’t dating, many of his fans are curious to configure the point of whether he is secretly dating or not? But, it seems like Semmel doesn’t like to show his details in the media and keeps his foot behind the footsteps of fandom.

    On the other perspectives of Potter, Jason is now focusing on his skateboarding career. He goes on competing at big skateboarding tournaments and games so that there is no enough time for the rising skateboarder to have a new date up until now.

    His Past Affair with Nicole aka Ginny Wap

    American skateboarder, Semmel, was involved in a romantic relationship with Nicole, aka Ginny Wap. The duo started dating in November 2016 after having their first encounter. The pair were also seen texting via Instagram while showing their love toward each other on 21st December 2016.

    Some messages of Fetty Potter and his ex-girlfriend, Ginny Wap on Instagram
    Snap: Some messages of Fetty Potter and his ex-girlfriend, Ginny Wap on Instagram
    Source: Instagram @smallsdressedinink

    In the Instagram post, Ginny wrote, “Just a Ginny Wap sending kisses to her Fetty Potter.” Following that, Potter also wrote, “Miss you too.” But, the couple isn’t together in a relationship anymore due to some personal differences.

    Controversy over Accusing a Teenage Girl on Date

    Braille Skateboarding youtuber, Potter was blamed for accusing a 14-year-old girl, whose identity is still a mystery. It was found that the duo started dating in August 2019, after having their first meeting via Snapchat. After interacting for a while, Potter began to pick her from her working place in his car.
    Eventually, the couple was found hanging out at a park, where they walked around and talked for a little while. After the date, Fetty drove her at home, but some strangers came and took his girlfriend out of the car and took his phone to call the Oakland police telling Potter kidnapped a teenage girl.

     Fetty Potter’s underage girlfriend on the left side with her mother and sister
    Photo: Fetty Potter’s underage girlfriend on the left side with her mother and sister
    Source: Twitter @TooSmallHands1

    Following that incident, some police officers came to investigate and arrested Potter for misbehaving in front of the house of his teenage girlfriend on 12th September 2019. Later, the girl’s mom said. “It is very upset and accusing me of inappropriate behavior, and he had no intention of dating with a 14-year-old underage.”

    After the case was over, Potter stated that he didn’t know her exact age, which is 14 because the girl told him that she is 20. Many people on Twitter noted that Fetty is a pedophile, but his fans argued over the proof that he knew she was 14 and still goes on a date with her. Later, Potter didn’t appear on media and became silent for several months.

    Net Value – $200 Thousand

    Fetty Potter grasps a net worth of $200 Thousand as of 2020. He collects fruitful earnings from his profession. On the other hand, a skateboarder in the US earns an average salary of $64,168. So, his annual revenues might be similar to an American skateboarder.

    As a professional skateboarder, Potter teaches a skateboarding course on Grip Art with the association of The Braille Skate University. Just like some other professional skateboarders, Potter also garners a handsome remuneration from his skillful direction.

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