• Evanka Franjko

    Family Member

  • Facts of Evanka Franjko

    Birth Name Evanka Franjko
    Gender Female
    Birth Country Croatia
    Nationality Croatian
    Ethnicity White
    Profession Family Member
    Net worth $100 Thousand
    Marital Status Married
    Marriage Date (m. 2005)
    Spouse Joey Buttafuoco
    Children Jessica Buttafuoco, Paul Buttafuoco
    Hair Color Brown

    Trust is like a leap of faith, which could be ended up by various problems like infidelity, or some personal differences in a marriage. Just like in the following phrase, the marital union of Evanka Franjko and Joey Buttafuoco had some misunderstandings at the beginning of their marital life, but now they are happy to live together.

    Franjko was born in Croatia and belonged to a white Caucasian ethnic background/race. After marrying Joey, she became citizenship of the United States. Apart from all of this, how is Franjko’s conjugal life going? Let’s see more diversifying things about Franjko’s personal life below.

    Evanka & Joey Buttafuoco’s Current Marital Status

    The native of California, Evanka, and her husband, Joey, are enjoying the cherishable moments in their marital life. The two first tied the knot in intimate weddings, held between their close ones on 5th March 2005.

    During the wedding ceremony, the bridegroom came up to the closet with perfect wedding clothes, where Evanka wore an elegant white off-the-shoulder sweetheart satin gown. On the other hand, the groom was dressed in a slim fit black business suit, tied up with a check tie and a flower on his left pocket.

    Evanka Franjko and Joey Buttafuoco at their wedding day
     Evanka Franjko and Joey Buttafuoco at their wedding day Photo: Whosdatedwho

    After the grand celebration of their wedding, the duo lived together for more than two and a half years and then filed for divorce in April 2007, due to some misunderstandings. But, the pair later reconciled their marriage shortly after that.

    One day, Franjko and her husband, Joey, were heading up to their home from a Spa Resort Casino at 4:00 pm. But suddenly, their car’s tire punctured due to a nail get inside of it. After long hours of waiting, Evanka found their friend, Priscilla Balogh’s local Harley Shop, and repaired their car. Other than that, Evanka and Joey are now in the planning of celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary in 2020.

    Her husband, Joey’s First Marriage with Mary Jo Buttafuoco

    Franko’s beloved spouse, Buttafuoco, was previously tied the knot with an American actress, Marry Jo Connery (also known as Mary Jo Buttafuoco). They got united as soul mates in a traditional ceremony on 4th September 1977.

    Marry then gave birth to two adorable children, a son, Paul Buttafuoco and Jessica Buttafuoco (born on 29th March 1983). Up to now, the pair’s daughter, Jessica became an actress, who grabbed the attention with her portrayal of The White Chick in the television comedy-drama series, Medias Resin 2017.

      Joe Buttafuoco and Mary Jo Buttafuoco with their two children
     Joe Buttafuoco and Mary Jo Buttafuoco with their two children 
    Photo: Fox News

    Eventually, in August of 1992, a significant incident happened to Joey’s wife, Marry, where she was shot in the head by a 16-year-old girl, Amy Fisher, who is famous as “The Long Island Lolita.” However, Mary survived the wounds and sued Amy for attempting murder on 19th May 1992.

    During the investigation, it was found that Joey and Amy were in a sexual relationship since July 1991 after she stopped to his auto body shop in Baldwin, Nassau County, NY, for repairing her car. Marry then filed for divorce in Ventura County Superior Court on 3rd February 2003 due to Joey’s infidelity with Amy.

     Amy Fisher and Joey Buttafuocowere convicted on the murder attempt of Mary Jo Buttafuoco
    Amy Fisher and Joey Buttafuocowere convicted on the murder attempt of Mary Jo Buttafuoco
     Image: Heavy

    The result of Amy’s conviction to shooting incident led Joey in pleading guilty for unrelated charges like solicitation-of-prostitution, auto insurance fraud, and illegal possession of ammunition, which costs him almost 12 years in prison from 1995 to 2007. When Joey was in jail, Marry finalized her divorce with him settling the child support agreement for their two children on 3rd February 2003.

    What is Franjko’s Spouse, Buttafuoco’s Net Worth?

    Ivanka’s husband, Buttafuoco, grasps a decent net worth of $100 Thousand as of 2020. He currently earns a subsequent income from his profession. So, he might receive $39,578, which is an annual average salary of an auto mechanic in the United States.

    As a TV personality, Franjko’s marital partner, Joey, recently made his appearance in an American talk-show, The Dr. Oz Show, in 2020. During the interview with Joey, Dr. Oz suggests some health advice for good health. The episode where Joey starred garnered a positive response, and the show’s ratings also collected many acclaims.

    Do you know? The famous auto mechanic appeared in many films, including Better than Ever, The Underground Comedy Movie, and various others. Similarly, he also guests appeared in TV shows like Perversions of Science and Son of the Beach.

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