Erica Duarte

Erica Duarte

Facts of Erica Duarte

Name Erica Duarte
Date of Birth 1984
Gender Female
Birth Country America
Nationality American
Net worth $1 million
Spouse Ex-Stitches

If you were to open your eyes one morning and see a demon staring at you in the face, you’d undoubtedly be scared; but that used to be everyday life for Erica Duarte. If the petite ex-Judicial Assistant ever had the bejesus scared out of her just by her ex-husband’s left hand, it begs the question how she managed to sleep at night, for his face looks even spookier. 

Ever wonder how such contrasting characters came to fall in love with each other? Well, we did too, and we found out something really interesting details. So, just at the expense of a few minutes of your time, we’d like to take you through the story of Erica Duarte.

Life Before 

Erica Duarte is a VERY private person. She is not active in any forms of social media apart from Pinterest, where she shares ideas of all sorts, but never her personal details. As a result of that, her date of birth remains unknown, but through some calculations, we have managed to pin it down to the year 1984. 

She used to be a judicial assistant with a normal life, before she became a contestant in Paris Hilton’s My BFF Forever. Even though she didn’t win, her fate took a turn there, for it was where she met her future husband, Stitches.

 The Unlikely Union

Erica was 11 years older than a young Philip Nikolas Kastabanis, who was only 19 at the time. But you know, as they say, love has no boundaries, and age is just a number. After dating for a little while, the couple decided to get married on the 31st of October, 2012.

Stitches with his ex-wife Sydney
Image: Stitches with his ex-wife Sydney

And before the year of their marriage was up, they already had a son together. His name is Rex Kastabanis, and Stitches describes that time in his life as “Hustlin’ Days.” It was back when he had nothing but face tattoos as his form of identity.

Life with Stitches

If you live with someone who’s 11 years younger than you, has face tattoos, and likes drugs, you’d most likely be talking about your teenage son; however, in the case of Erica Duarte, it was her husband.

But nonetheless, she had some mothering to do, for she had four children to take care of during her marriage. When Stitches once tried to offer cocaine to female fans at a concert, she had to call the show over, which resulted in a big hullabaloo. He also has had his fair share of conflicts with the law, which means she had to take care of him while he lived a life on the edge.

Stitches with his sons, Rex and Rocco
Image: Stitches with his sons, Rex and Rocco

They had three children together, Rex, Rocco, and Evelyn. Rocco was born in 2014, and Evelyn’s date of birth hasn’t been revealed yet. The couple divorced back in 2017, after about half a decade of relationship. 

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Net Worth: $1 million

Erica has managed to keep her own life a secret, despite having shared a life with a celebrity. She’s very hard to track down, making her net worth anyone’s guess. But it can be said that she’s quite well-off, from her Pinterest account, which gives us a slight peek into her life.

But her husband, Stitches’ net worth is close to $1 million, though not quite. His music came before the mumble rap era, so it can be said that he was born in the wrong generation, else he’d be making a million bucks a month.


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