• Emily Coates


    Emily Coates

  • Facts of Emily Coates

    Name Emily Coates
    Gender Female
    Birth Country USA
    Nationality American
    Ethnicity White
    Profession Actress
    Net worth $100,000
    Boyfriend Anna Lucia Sadler
    Marital Status Dating
    Hair Color WhitevBrown
    Eye Color Dark Brown
    Height 1.7 m
    Weight 54 KG
    Mother Eugenie Coates
    Siblings Beatrice Coates, aka Bea
    TV Show Crused


    Emily Coates is like an avenging angel who mesmerized the world with her acting. She always predicts what is coming into a way to achieve something, and there are no limits for her to accomplish her professional goals.

    Coates was born and raised in the United States of America, to Mr. and Mrs. Coates. Furthermore, her mother, Eugenie Coates is a homemaker while her father’s identity is still under review.

    Emily spent her childhood with her sister, Beatrice Coates, aka Bea. Aside from all of this, what is happening in her personal life? If you love to explore more about Coates in the following segments.

    Salary & Net Worth

    Emily Coates pursued as a TV actress after making her debut in the comedy-drama series, Flack in 2019. On the same year, she guests appeared on several TV shows, including Warren, Ackley Bridge, and Ladhood. She is going to star in two upcoming movies, Tiny Dancer and The Little Mermaid.

    Coates has been starring in the fantasy adventurous drama series, Cursed on Netflix since 2020. She also appears along with Catherine Walker, Bella Dayne, and Matt Stokoe, among others. So, she earns $30,000 per episode from the web series. She reportedly maintains $100,000 of net worth in 2021. Read more about Crused Actress, Catherine Walker net worth and status.

    Relationship Status

    The rising actress, Coates is living in a cherishable bond of relationship with her partner, Anna Lucia Sadler. The couple has been together for a long term after meeting for the first time in 2015. A few months after meeting, they began dating on a regular basis.

    Emily Coates with her partner, Anna Lucia Sadler
    Emily Coates with her partner, Anna Lucia Sadler
    Image Credit: Instagram

    When Emily’s fans find out that she is into a bisexual relationship with someone, then they became curious to know more about it. Finally, she revealed that she is openly bisexual and lives with her partner, Anna in one of her Instagram posts on 9th August 2015.


    As an avid animal lover, Coates possesses a ginger fur Tabby cat breed, Gus. Before adopting a new cat as her pet, she owned two cats, Stan, a Burmese cat breed, and X, a grey fur Tabby cat breed. She also had an Irish Terrier dog breed, Woody.

    Emily Coates cats, Stan, a Burmese cat breed
    Emily Coates cats, Stan, a Burmese cat breed
    Image Credit: Instagram

    While talking about the current price for a ginger Tabby cat breed, it can vary from a lower percentile of $700 to a higher hand of $1,500. Moreover, a Tabby kitten can cost upto $2,000 or higher in percentile.

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