Elina Karimova

Elina Karimova

Facts of Elina Karimova

Date of Birth April 22, 1998
Gender Female
Birth Country Uzbekistan
Nationality Uzbekistan
Net worth $5 million
Height 163 cm
Weight 43 kg

Elina Karimova is a South Korea based Youtube and Instagram celebrity who is famous for her baby looks. Due to her cute looks and unique sense of styling outfits, Elina has thousands of followers on Instagram and has her own Youtube channel. She usually makes cover videos of songs and is also famous for her Tik Tok videos.

Born on April 22, 1998, in Uzbekistan, she later moved to South Korea with her parents. She is fluent in the Uzbek language as well as the Korean language. Moreover, Elina has established herself as an international teen star in both Uzbekistan and South Korea.

Elina Karimova’s Rumoured Boyfriend

Although Elina might be flaunting photos and videos of herself in social media she is very careful when it comes to personal information. She hasn’t revealed her romantic partner to her followers yet therefore, she is probably single. She is also far from the rumors of marriage and divorce.

22 years old cover singer is close to many of her Korean girlfriends with whom she has traveled to her hometown in Uzbekistan. But the beautiful social media star might be many boys girl crush. Even if she is dating some guy, Elina would not reveal it to the public because she always prefers privacy.

What Is Elina’s Net Worth?

As a famed Youtuber, Elina probably owns a net worth of more than $5 million. She makes as much as $10,000 to $50,000 per 1million views in her videos. Similarly, Youtubers like her charge brands from $10 to $50 per 1,000 views.

If the videos are more engaging and interesting then the Youtuber makes more than the average amount. Similarly, she makes around $700-$900 per her Instagram photos. Other, famous Canadian actor Mario Selman also has a net worth  $2 million. Some of her most-watched Youtube videos include cover for Twice’s Fancy and Billie Eilish‘s Bad Guy which has more than 1 million views. Besides she also uploads Korean cover songs of popular Korean artists such as BTS, ZZICO, SHAUN, BLACKPINK, iKON and So-Hyang.

Image: Alina Karimova wearing official New York Yankees outfits.
Source: Elina Karamova/Instagram

Most of the time, Elina shares photos of herself clad in the most stylish outfits and luxurious accessories. She is well disposed of to travel the famous destinations with her friends and family. Similarly, she is also the face of many Korean and international beauty products and brands.

Elina Went Under Knife for that Sculpted Look

Like every Korean teenager, Elina also chose surgery to enhance her physical beauty. In a country where outer beauty is considered important, she didn’t lag. Though she has never talked about the secret behind her beauty enhancements, Elina is probably assumed to have undergone the painful procedure.

Image: Elina Karimova(left) with her friend at stadium in Cleveland, Ohio.
Source: Elina Karamova/Instagram

Elina’s picture-perfect face has attracted more followers in her social media accounts. On top of that, Elina looks more like an angel with carefully applied makeup. She is known to follow the famous Korean style skincare routine and no-makeup makeup look.

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