Danica Dow

Assistant Manager

Danica Dow

Facts of Danica Dow

Name Danica Dow
Gender Female
Birth Country United Kingdom
Nationality British
Ethnicity White
Profession Assistant Manager
Net worth $500,000
Boyfriend Brett Willis,
Hair Color Grey
Eye Color Blue
Height 5 feet 5 Inch
Weight 61 KG
Education Columbia University

The Hard-Core fans of reality shows might have been familiar with Lisa Vanderpump‘s tv series, Vanderpump Rules. The show revolves around the daily life of cast members around Lisa’s restaurant SUR at West Hollywood, California. Among the newbies of the latest season, Danica Dow is the youngest assistant manager at SUR.

Dow is one of the sassiest cast members, and she brilliantly annexes her personal and professional life. Working with her friends and ex-boyfriends has never been difficult, but Danica manages to let go off the feelings. Her pre Vanderpump life is quite mysterious. The reality star awaits the moment to unravel her past background. Meanwhile, we will get to know how she became famous and who she has dated.

Danica got restraining order by her Pisces Ex-Boyfriends.

It seems odd, but the reality star has ill feelings for men with Pisces zodiac. Discussing her high school and college relationships in an episode, Dow remarked that Pisces men are too emotional and sensitive. She said:

“I have dated two Pisces before.. that’s why they have restraining orders against me. It’s not my fault they were too sensitive.”

Danica Dow and her boyfriend Brett Caprioni
Danica Dow and her boyfriend Brett Caprioni
Image Credit: Instagram

As per Dow, both of her ex-boyfriends were Pisces, and both had a temporary restraining order against her. She thought her ex-lovers were a total fuss and didn’t give her much attention. However, fellow members, Ariana Madix and Dayna Kathan hesitated to support her comment.

The drama began in one of the Vanderpump’s late episode. She warned Dayna,not to date Brett Caprioni, who, by the way, is a Pisces. Dayna had mixed feelings for Brett, and Danica just confused her more. When asked by the producers, Dow said: “Dayna is a Leo and Brett is a Pisces, and those things just don’t mix.”

Is Dow dating her Ex-Boyfriend Again?

Yes, it appears that Danica is dating her ex-boyfriend, Brett Willis, again. Brett is a model and former Rugby player who works at SUR as a bartender. The two began dating in 2019 but later broke up.

The real reason behind their split was Brett’s suggesting the couple have a physical relationship with a third party. It was reported that Danica went physical with him and was suspended for a week from entering the SUR.

It’s not like Brett cheated on Danica, but at present, the two seem to be on good terms. Additionally, Danica has several pictures of Brett on her Instagram. Anyone who goes through her posts realizes that she is dating him again.

Recently, on April 24, 2020, the SUR assistant manager shared a picture with the caption: “Sunsets are better with you.” Therefore, Danica and Brett Willis have re-ignited their romance again. Read more about Annie Potts‘s biography.

Net Worth

The newest addition to the reality show, Miss Dow’s net worth is yet to be decided. She is the latest addition to the show, along with Brett Caproni, Charli Burnett, Dayna, and Max Boyens. While the average salary differs among the old casts, the reported amount for new casts is yet to be published.

The highest-paid Vanderpump Rules star is Lisa Vanderpump, whose salary is $500,000 per episode. Similarly, the lowest-paid member of the cast is Scheana Marie, whose salary is $10,000 per episode.

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