• Corey Scherer


    Corey Scherer

  • Facts of Corey Scherer

    Name Corey Scherer
    Date of Birth 13th September 1995
    Zodiac Sign Virgo
    Gender Male
    Birth Country Nashville, Tennessee, USA
    Nationality American
    Ethnicity White
    Profession Social Media Personality
    Net worth $250,000
    Girlfriend Devyn Lundy
    Marital Status Dating
    Hair Color Brown Dark
    Eye Color Brown
    Height 5 feet 8 inches
    Weight 70 KG
    Father Alan Scherer
    Mother Christy Scherer


    Corey Scherer is one of the most talented and creative dancers, who practices like he has never won any dance competition and performs as he has never lost anything from it. He also shares a glance of his dancing style, including ballet, break-dance, hip-hop, and more on his youtube channel that is under his name.

    Corey Schere was born on 13th September 1995 in Nashville, Tennessee, United States of America. His father is Alan Scherer and his mother is Christy Scherer, who both are the founding members of Fierce Dance Studio.

    Corey has three siblings, Courtney Scherer, Cenzey Scherer, and Cambrey Scherer. He and his sisters spent their early life in Titusville, Florida after moving from their hometown, Nashville, TN. Furthermore, he joined a culinary institute, My Kitchen Table, and graduated from there in 2014.

    Salary & Net Worth

    As a professional dancer and choreographer, Scherer won many dance competitions at higher levels from regional to national. He is now a hot dance teacher at his parents’ dance institution, Fierce Dance Studio. He is also the co-founder of the dancing duo group, Super Sega Brothers alongside Shaun Hill aka Knuckles.

    Scherer is earning a handsome fortune from his youtube channel, where he has 1.52 million subscribers with 131 million total views. He grasps estimated earnings from $312 to $5,000 monthly and garners yearly earnings upto $59,800 or higher. As of 2020, his net worth is $250,000.

    Relationship Status

    YouTube star, Corey Schere is reportedly single after finding some misunderstandings in his longtime relationship with a makeup artist, Devyn Lundy. The duo initially started dating in 2015 after meeting for the first time. 

    Couple, Corey Scherer and Devyn Lundy
    Couple, Corey Scherer and Devyn Lundy
    Image Credit: instagram/coreyscherer

    The former couple also created a joint youtube channel, Corey and Devyn in 2017. They posted a couple of videos on challenges in a relationship, traveling, and ghost hunting videos. Nevertheless, they broke up in 2019, due to personal differences arising and their relationship took a way more complicated.

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    Miraculously Survived from a Jet Skiing Accident

    North Hollywood, California-based dancer, Scherer suffered a dangerous accident while he was enjoying his summer vacation in Hawaii Island in July 2016. He broke his 9 ribs with serious injuries after a jet-skiing accident in the middle of the central pacific ocean.

    During the catastrophic incident, Corey was with his close friend, Brennan Taylor, who rescued him with the help of lifeguards. He also told his fans about his near-death experience from jet-skiing via Instagram on 17th July 2016. He spent several months in hospital for recovery.

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