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  • Facts of Corey La Barrie

    Name Corey La Barrie
    Date of Birth May 10, 1995
    Zodiac Sign Taurus
    Gender Male
    Birth Country Adelaide, Australia
    Nationality Australian
    Ethnicity Ehite
    Profession Youtuber
    Net worth $300 Thousnad
    Girlfriend Franny Arrieta
    Hair Color Brown
    Eye Color Blue

    Corey La Barrie took the darkness by flooding with the light by taking the good deeds over the bad deeds. He was one of the most entertaining social media personalities, who garnered attention with his perfect comic timing mixing on different stories.

    What happened to Barrie, which took his soul from the body and made the whole world cry when he passed away? Let’s take a glimpse of Barrie’s personal life in the following subheadings.

    A Brief Relationship with Franny Arrieta 

    The Reality House star, Barrie had a complicated relationship with Franny Arrieta, a musical artist, and Instagram personality. The duo’s first meeting was held in November 2017 and soon after that, they went on a date while visiting Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California.

    Corey La Barrie with Ex-Girlfriend Franny Arrieta
    Corey La Barrie with Ex-Girlfriend Franny Arrieta 
    Image Credit: youtube.com

    Following two-months of dating, the couple split up after knowing their opinions and decisions are actually different and decided to be just friends maintaining a good relationship in December 2017Nevertheless, his ex-girlfriend, Franny revealed that the best moment with Corey was in Disneyland on 3rd May 2018, and even paid tribute to him upon his dreadful demise.

    Barrie’s Tragic Death on Car Crash

    Social media personality, Corey La left the world at the age of 25 on 10th May 2020. The reason for his untimely death is due to a car accident when he was going home after celebrating his 25th birthday. During that time, he was with his close friend, Daniel SilvaInk Master star in a McLaren Sports car.

    Upon Barrie’s tragic demise, the Los Angeles law enforcement found that Daniel was heavily drunk while driving the racing car and eventually faced a collision with a tree after crashing into a street sign. Later, the police officers arrested Daniel for a drink and drive case with the murder charge of Barrie.

    Corey’s beloved mother, Lissa Harisson Burton posted heartfelt condolences for him on Instagram on 11th May 2020. Other than that, Barrie’s close friends, Daniel SilvaKian Lawley, and his ex-girlfriend, Franny paid tribute after losing a good friend like Barrie.

    Left $300 Thousand of Net Worth after Demise

    Corey La Barrie earned a fruitful fortune from his youtube channel, which gained popularity from his name. He garnered 379,000 subscribers on youtube with over 46.5 million views. He used to grab estimated annual earnings from $8,300 to $132,900 per post.

    Just like Barrie’s income from youtube, he garnered 349,000 followers with total posts upto 408 on Instagram. He received $1,047.75$1,746.25 as per post via Instagram. He made a net worth of $300 Thousand, but he failed to maintain his net value till his death came to him.


    Corey La Barrie grew up in Adelaide, Australia, but he settled down in Los Angeles, California, the U.S. with his family. Barrie spent the most beautiful memories with his older sister, Jessica Barrie, and younger brother, Jarrad Barrie.

    He was an avid sportsperson, who used to play Australian rules football, lawn tennis, and basketball. He also made a music video with Kian LawleySam Pottorff, and Ethan via Twitter in May 2012. His close friend, JC Caylen, and he collaborated on various comedic and challenging videos on Youtube.

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