Collin Gosselin

Facts of Collin Gosselin

Date of Birth 2004
Gender Male
Birth Country United States of America
Nationality American
Net worth $100,000
Father Jon Gosselin
Mother Kate Gosselin

Collin Gosselin is the second oldest son of American television personalities, Jon Gosselin and Kate Gosselin, who are widely known for hosting their reality TV show, Jon & Kate Plus 8. Collin came to the limelight after appearing in a TV special, Surviving Sextuplets, and Twins.

Gosselin was born as Collin Thomas Gosselin on 10th May 2004 in Hershey, Pennsylvania, United States. He is an American by his nationality and hails from a mixed ethnic background (Asian-American).

So, what’s happened to Gosselin? Where is he now? If you love to know more about Gosselin’s personal life, read the article till the end.

Collin is serving in Junior Reserves Officers’ Training Corps

The 15-year-old, Gosselin has recently joined the ROTC military program of the Junior Reserves Officer’s Training Corps, where he learns the technique of becoming fit and active from the former military service officers.

After Collin joined JROTC, his dad, Jon, showed his respect and happiness towards him, saying, “Colin is in JROTC, so he stays pretty active.”

The reason why Collin joined the JROTC is because of the unsatisfied needs that he used to say to his mom, Kate, but she had so many responsibilities for her seven other children, who were Collin’s siblings. Later, Kate decided to address Collin in a unique facility where his requirements will complete.

Colin Gosselin with his father, Jon Gosselin, and his sister, Hannah Gosselin
IMG: Colin Gosselin with his father, Jon Gosselin, and his sister, Hannah Gosselin
Source: Instagram @jongosselin1

More to this, Gosselin and his sister, Alexis was requested to leave a private school by the staff and teach in 2010. During that time, Collin’s mom, Kate, responded with a statement, where she said, “The school would never use that word. [Collin and Alexis] were not expelled. [The school] didn’t feel like they could meet their needs anymore, so it was decided they should leave, for now.”

His Parents, Jon & Kate’s Marriage & Divorce

Collin’s guardians, Jon and Kate walked down the aisle on 12th June 1991 in the backyard of a 1920s mansion located in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, where they invited their beloved ones.

During their nuptials, the bride was donned in a white off-the-shoulder ball gown, and the groom wore a slim-fit black tuxedo and a white inner shirt tied up with a white tie and a flower on his left pocket.

The couple met for the first time at a company’s picnic on 5th October 1997. At that time, Kate’s friend was working at the same hotel where Jon stayed after traveling across Europe.

Later, Kate arrived at the picnic with her friend, who then introduced her to Jon. After spending quality time, the duo started dating and got engaged a few years later.

 Collin Gosselin’s parents, Jon and Kate Gosselin’s wedding ceremony
Picture: Collin Gosselin’s parents, Jon and Kate Gosselin’s wedding ceremony
Source: People

The pair stayed married for 18 years but, after that, they announced their separation on 22nd June 2009 during an episode of their show, Jon & Kate plus 8.

After their departure, they were involved in a verbal fight in their home in Wernersville, Pennsylvania, on 13th August 2009. They then finalized their divorce on 16th December 2009, granting them ownership of their residence and custody of their children to Kate.

 Collin Gosselin and his siblings with their parents, Jon and Kate Gosselin
Picture: Collin Gosselin and his siblings with their parents, Jon and Kate Gosselin
Source: USA Today

Upon their divorce, Kate announced that Colin had unique needs so she put him in a program in August 2016. Nevertheless, Jon came to the rescue of Colin and took the physical and legal custody under the court’s jurisdiction on 4th December 2018. Later, he also took Hannah Gosselin into his parenthood by resigning the child custody over Kate in 2018.

Brother to Seven Siblings

Collin spent his childhood with his seven siblings, including two older twin sisters, Madelyn Gosselin and Cara Gosselin, who were born on 8th October 2000. On the other hand, he has five brothers and sisters, Aaden, Joel, Leah, Hannah, and Alexis Gosselin, who were born on 10th May 2004.

Collin Gosselin and his siblings
Photo: Collin Gosselin and his siblings
Source: Pinterest

Collin and his seven siblings made their first appearance in their parents’ reality TV show, Kate & Jon plus 8. Furthermore, they also guest appeared in many TV special programs, including Surviving Sextuplets and Twins: One Year Later, Celebrity Wife Swap, and various others.

How much is Gosselin’s Total Fortune?

Collin’s dad, Jon, has a net worth of $100,000 as of 2020. Currently, he earns a decent salary from his professional work as a television personality. Meanwhile, in the United States, a TV personality makes a yearly income of $44,514, which is similar to Jon’s annual payroll.

On the other hand, Gosselin’s mom, Kate, grasps a net value of $200 Thousand as of 2022. Previously, she hosted the 14th season of the competitive reality show, The Apprentice, which garnered high ratings of 5.0 out of 10 stars from 7,328 viewers.

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