• Cody Kearsley


    Cody Kearsley

  • Facts of Cody Kearsley

    Name Cody Kearsley
    Date of Birth 10th March 1991
    Zodiac Sign Pisces
    Gender Male
    Birth Country Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada
    Nationality Canadian
    Ethnicity White
    Profession Actor
    Net worth $450 Thousand
    Salary $57,060
    Hair Color Brown
    Eye Color Grey
    Height 6 ft 2 in (188 cm)
    Weight 81.6 KG
    Mother Marlene Kearsley
    Siblings Cara Lee Kearsley
    Education Southern Okanagan Secondary School
    Movies Power Rangers


    Cody Kearsley always wanted to pursue as a professional film and television actor since his childhood not for money nor for fame. But, he dedicated himself to the art of acting and studied the basic things to be a good artist. That’s why he succeeds in the film industry with all of his hard work and perseverance.

    Kearsley was born on 10th March 1991 in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. He was raised by his mother, Marlene Kearsley. Moreover, his ethnic background is Metis, which a multicentral indigenous group from Canada and the United States.

    Cody Kearsley with his mother
    Cody Kearsley with his mother, Marlene Kearsley
    Image Credit: facebook.com

    The prize-winning actor, Kearsley has a sister, Cara Lee Kearsley. Other than that, he completed his high school diploma from South Okanagan Secondary School. He further enrolled at Theatre of Arts College from 2009 to 2012 and became a certified actor.

    Salary & Net Worth

    Vancouver, British Columbia-based actor, Kearsley started his acting career after joining the RED Management Group in 2015. He then became a creative director at Vagrant Players Theatre Society in 2017. He is reportedly serving as a chief executive officer at Seventh Wolf Creative production group since 2019. He also co-founded Vagrant Players theatrical group.

    Kearsley got his breakthrough from the sci-fi action-adventure movie, Power Rangers in 2017. He later featured in many TV shows, including Spiral, iZombie, and so on. He currently boasts a net worth of $450 Thousand as of 2020. His current salary is $57,060, which is comparable to an actor or actress in Canada. Also, read about Julio Macias‘s biography.

    Relationship Status

    The 29-year-old, Cody has won the hearts of millions with his amazing roles such as Turbo Bro Jock in Daybreak and Moose Mason in Riverdale. In both series, his character was gay and many of his fans questioned whether he is gay or not in real-life? But, the gay rumors came out to be false when he told that he straight on the media’s interview.

    Just in a similar case, Kearsley is not dating anyone right now and reportedly living a single life. When it comes to his career, he finds himself more competent and always wants to list at the peak of the film industry. So, this might be a reason why he does not want to be in a relationship.


    Riverdale star, Kearsley loves animals and fond of playing with his pet dog, Justin, which is a French Bulldog breed. He previously had another French bulldog, Luke Perry, whom he lost in 2019 due to its health problems.

    On the other hand, a French Bulldog puppy with the pure breed from the good breeder usually costs from $1,000 to $3,000. But, it will be found at an average price for $1,500 from the best breeder with a healthy diet and good behavior.

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