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    William Barr's wife

    Christine Barr

  • Facts of Christine Barr

    Name Christine Barr
    Date of Birth 1965
    Gender Female
    Birth Country Maryland, United States of America
    Nationality American
    Ethnicity White
    Profession Librarian
    Net worth $40 Million
    Marital Status Married
    Spouse William Barr (m. 1973)
    Children Mary Daly
    Hair Color Light Blonde
    Eye Color Blue

    Christine Barr was the caring wife of an American lawyer, the 85th U.S. Attorney General, William Barr. Christine is a retired librarian who has always kept her husband and three children in her low profile.

    Christine’s husband has served in the administration of Donald Trump since February 2019. Previously, from 1991 to 1993, he served as the 77th Attorney General. Barr recently received sharp criticism in March 2020. We recommend that you read the article before it ends to know all the details.

    Christine’s Educational Background

    On the summary found on Justice.gov are some specific facts about Christine. She was raised in McLean, Virginia, Christine Moynihan Barr. She has a B.A. degree. She received a Master of Library Studies degree from the Catholic University in 1975 from Mount Saint Vincent College in English in 1973. Barr is now one of the board members of the Mount Saint Vincent College in Riverdale, New York.

    Her career background and worked as an IMF and Georgetown University reference librarian. Mrs. Barr also served at Stone Ridge School in Bethesda, Maryland as a librarian. She also participated in the National Consultative Committee on Violence Against Women.

    Total Net Worth – $40 Million

    As the wife of lawyer and attorney general, Christine has an impressive net value of 40 million dollars for her husband. William made his fortune outside the office, according to an article published on Forbes. He earned more than $50 million in salaries, served as a manager and director for some of the largest corporations in the U.S.

    The net worth of Barr is estimated at $40 million after-taxes, personal expenditures, and returns on investment. According to the Barr Annual Financial Disclosure Report, however, its assets totaled between $24 million and $74 million. From 2009 to 2018, Barr paid out $2.3 million in cash and equity bonuses from Dominion Capital. Mainly, Barr could receive more than $150,000 as of the 85th U.S. Attorney General.

    Barr employed for GTE Corporation and subsequently joined Bell Atlantic in 2000 to form Verizon. He received over $1.7 million in annual compensation and bonuses from 20012007. He also earned nearly $ 3 million as valuable stock options. William’s net worth is primarily cash and investment. Read more about American politician Matthew Rauch Kennedy‘s net worth and status.

    Married Life With William Barr

    Since 1973, Christine and William Barr have been together, Mrs. Barr graduated with a BA in the same year. William also worked for the CIA during his law school years. Mr. During his law school years. And Mrs. Barr has three girls who served as attorneys. Mary Barr Daly, her first daughter, served as a senior Justice Officer. She is currently a Senior Advisor in the Treasury / Financial Crimes Network Section.

    Christine Barr with husband William Barr
    Christine Barr with husband William Barr
    Image Credit: abcnews.go.com

    Patricia Barr Straughn, their second daughter, was an adviser to the Committee on Agriculture. In June 2011, at St. Peter’s on Capitol Hill, Washington, she married Pelham Agee Straughn. Margaret’s youngest daughter, “Meg,” Barr Gess, is a former prosecutor in Washington. She is now a cancer survivor. Meg is currently a Chief Enforcement Officer at E.S. Barr Company. Barr Company.

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