• Catherine Walker


    Catherine Walker

  • Facts of Catherine Walker

    Name Catherine Walker
    Date of Birth 1975
    Gender Female
    Birth Country Dublin, Ireland
    Nationality Irish
    Profession Actress
    Net worth $550,000
    Marital Status Married
    Spouse Will Matthews
    Hair Color Brown
    Eye Color Grey Brown
    TV Show The Deceived


    Irish actress, Catherine Walker struggled to get into stardom because if it would be comfortable so that everyone has a desirable outcome. But, it is harder to do rather than just talking when aspiring actors/actresses open the book of her success story.

    Walker was born in 1975 in Dublin, Ireland, where she captured the most beautiful moments of her early life. From her childhood, she had a keen interest in acting so that she participated in performing arts in school. Other than that, her other hobbies are researching planetary and Earthworks as a Wannabe astronaut.

    What’s more to this? Catherine has an identical twin sister, Cynthia Walker, director of Brick Store Museum, and Murtaugh The Museum. Besides, her fans are curious about her personal life. So, what is happening in the daily curriculum of Walker?

    Salary & Net Worth

    Catherine Walker started her acting career from a short comedy-drama series Skates in 1994. She then portrayed in many movies like Conspiracy of Silence, Patrick’s Day, A Dark Song, and so on. She also appeared in TV series, including Holby City, The Clinic, Strike Back, Critical, Acceptable Risk, Versailles, Rig 45, Finding Joy, Resistance, and Shetland.

    Walker is currently appearing the recurring role, Lenore, in the Netflix adventurous fantasy drama series, Cursed alongside Sophie Harkness, Matt Stokoe, and Bella Dayne, among others, since 2020. So, she earns $35,000 per episode from the popular web series. She reportedly boasts a total net worth of $550,000 in 2021.

    As a prominent actress, Catherine garnered many acclaims and honors from her filmography. She won an Audience Award at first in 2014. Furthermore, she received three nominations for Irish Film and Television Awards (IFTA) from 2015 to 2017. She is also the recipient of an International Fantasy Film Award for best performance by an actress.

    Relationship Status

    The 45-year-old, Walker is a secretly married woman, who is living in a low-key marital union with her husband, Will Matthews. The two initially walked down the aisle in a quiet ceremony in close contact of their dearest friends, relatives, and family members.

    Catherine Walker with her husband, Will Matthews
    Catherine Walker with her husband, Will Matthews
    Image Credit: whatkatewore

    The couple has been enjoying their marital life to the fullest while exploring new destinations together. They recently visited Mammoth Lakes of California for winter vacation and Asakusa, Tokyo, for the summer holidays. For many years, they are living in Pasadena, California. Read more about Bella Dayne‘s relationship status.


    The Delinquent Season star, Catherine is an animal lover who shows great empathy towards the living animals. She has a pet dog, Chewie, aka The Wonder Dog, whom she rescued from a stray area of Pasadena, California. Moreover, her pet is a Yorkshire Terrier dog breed.

    Catherine Walker pets Yorkshire Terrier dog breed
    Catherine Walker pets Yorkshire Terrier dog breed
    Image Credit: instagram/capcomwalker/

    As of now, Yorkshire Terrier dog breed’s price ranges from the lower hand of $3,500 to the higher percentile of $10,000. Nevertheless, this kind of puppy breeds can cost upto $1,000 or higher in price.

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