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Boomer Robert Phelps

Facts of Boomer Robert Phelps

Name Boomer Robert Phelps
Date of Birth 05/05/2016
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Gender Male
Birth Country Baltimore, Maryland, United States
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession Celebrity Kid
Net worth $60 million
Hair Color White Brown
Eye Color Blue
Father Michael Phelps,
Mother Nicole Johnson

With a name that bears semblance to outdated and bitter-old people on the internet, Boomer Robert Phelps is the only boomer that the world loves. The three-year-old, celebrity son of American athlete Michael Fred Phelps already has 666k Instagram followers and has already become quite a celebrity himself.

The kid has had followers since before he made it into the world; therefore, The Daddy has decided to talk about him today.

Boomer’s Birth

It is clear that Boomer had to win a swimming competition against thousands of others to be born, or he lost by a few positions and still won, depending on what you choose to believe. 

The Olympics Gold Medalist and his spouse Nicole Michele Johnson Phelps became parents on Thursday, May 5th, 2016, at 7:21 pm in Arizona, outshining the past achievements of the Olympian.

He described it as the “Best feeling I’ve ever felt in my life” on a Facebook post. The couple did reveal the name after Boomer’s birth, but Phelps said that the couple had selected the baby’s name way ahead of birth because they felt it was unique.

At the time of Boomer’s birth, Phelps was preparing for Rio Olympics and subsequently managed to win six medals, five gold, and silver. He has ‘retired’ ever since and does not plan on competing in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, but that hasn’t stopped the internet from melting down every time he posts a picture in a swimsuit.

Life of Boomer

A lot of boomers these days have the most tedious of lives, but our Boomer is busy exploring his environment. I’m sure he tantalizes quite a few adults too; since he’s seemingly having a good time all the time, doing fun things like getting his pictures taken with celebrities and all.

It’s fair to say that our boy Boomer was born swimming and born to swim. Here’s a video of him swimming with his father.

Boomer Robert Phelps with his father Michael Phelps
Boomer Robert Phelps with his father Michael Phelps
Image Credit: Instagram

He now shares a home with his little brother, Beckett Richard Phelps (b: Feb 12, 2018), and Maverick Nicolas Phelps (b: September 9, 2019), who is his full-time playmate.

The 3-year-old likes spending time with his family, playing golf, hockey, swimming, and anything else a normal celebrity toddler can get their hands on.


Undoubtedly, the kid is famous for his parents and apparently inherited his Miss California mother’s genes on the beauty side. Whether he has his dad’s ADHD and the rumored Marfan Syndrome remains to be seen, but it’s almost foreseeable that the kid is going to follow in his father’s footsteps.

Boomer Robert Phelps with mother Nicole Johnson
Boomer Robert Phelps with mother Nicole Johnson
Image Credit: Instagram

His mother Nicoleis the former Miss California and Eighth runner up of the Miss USA pageant, in the latter of which she was supposedly considered the most favorite to win. Phelps and Johnson secretly married on June 13, 2016. Read more about Draven Sebastian Bennington‘s biography.

Net Worth

It would certainly be nonsensical to calculate a 3-year-old toddler’s net worth, but that’s what we roll here at hollywoodwikis. 

Assuming that he has no personal possessions of his own apart from a few toys, calculating a few endorsements that have come from his Instagram account, little Boomer Phelps might be worth about $5k, which is more money than most babies see in their toddler lives.

His father, Michael Phelps, however, is worth about $60 million. Despite being one of the highest-paid athletes in the world, for humor, he might be taking the candy from the baby.

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