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Facts of Bonnie Bella Jordan

Name Bonnie Bella Jordan
Birth Name Bonnie Bella Jordan
Date of Birth December 28, 2016
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Gender Female
Birth Country United States
Nationality American
Profession Instagram Star
Net worth $5 million,
Hair Color black
Eye Color Black
Father Stevie J.
Mother Joseline Hernandez
Siblings Eva Jordan, daughter of Stevie J and Mimi Faust.

The 5-year-old, Bonnie Bella Jordan, is the firstborn daughter of Joseline Hernandez and her ex-partner, Stevie J. Those of you who don’t know who Joseline or Stevie is then read the article until the end.

Joseline is a 36-year-old, Puerto Rican-American reality star, rapper, and actress. She is widely referred to as “The Puerto Rican Princess.” Hernandez rose to fame after appearing in the VH1 reality series, ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.’ Similarly, Bonnie’s father, Stevie J, is one of the most successful record producers. He is also a DJ and a television personality.

Joseline and Stevie’s Marriage was just a Publicity Stunt

When the news of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta couple’s marriage became public, their fans were excited to watch their journey as husband and wife. They began dating while filming season one of the show. At the time, Stevie was romantically involved with Mimi Faust, with whom he has a child born in 2009.

Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J were never married, although they claimed to have wed in 2013.
Image: Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J were never married, although they claimed to have wed in 2013.
Source: Getty Images

In 2014, Stevie claimed Joseline had affairs with several rappers and reportedly split with her. It was later confirmed in 2016 that they were never really married.

Stevie admitted that his marriage to Hernandez in 2013 was just a strategy. Joseline, on the other hand, confirmed she was seriously involved with Stevie even though she never married him legally.

Stevie’s Paternity Test

The adorable baby girl, Bonnie Bella Jordan, was born on December 28, 2016. Her age is three years as of 2022. The moment Joseline’s daughter arrived, people were curious to know about the father.

As the ex-couple separated in 2014, viewers wanted to know if Stevie was the father. Eventually, the DNA test result showed that he was the father.

After seeing the DNA results, Stevie filed documents for the primary physical custody of his daughter. Also, he claimed that Hernandez abused drugs and alcohol throughout her pregnancy and repeatedly requested the doctors to test her.

Bonnie’s Custody Battle

Both Stevie and Hernandez have the custody of their daughter, but Stevie has the primary physical custody. Further, in March 2020, Hernandez lost custody, and the case will head to trial in May 2020. As per sources, there will be a bench trial where the judge will make a final decision.

Joseline learned the news during the filming of We TV’s reality show, Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition. Viewers saw her emotional state after hearing the sad news.

Bonnie’s parents’ past and present relationships

Hernandez is currently in a romantic relationship with music producer, Robin Ingouma, whose professional name is Balistic Beats. During the April 8 season finale of the Marriage Boot Camp, Balistic popped the question. Joseline seemed to be super excited and announced that they would marry in December 2020. Do you know she is a bisexual?

Stevie J (right) is currently married to Faith Evans (left).
Image: Stevie J (right) is currently married to Faith Evans (left).
Source: Getty Images 

Now coming towards Stevie J, he is married to his longtime friend, Faith Evans. They married on July 19, 2018, in Las Vegas. Stevie has six children from different relationships.

Net Worth

Bonnie Bella Jordan, a celebrity kid aged 6, is born to wealthy parents. Her father, Stevie, has a net worth of $5 million, while her mom, Joseline, has a net worth of $300,000. Although Bonnie is growing up in a difficult situation because of her parents, she definitely doesn’t have to worry about financial status.

The exact amount of Stevie’s child support is not known. He gives a portion of his earnings for his daughter’s welfare.

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