Bella Cuomo

Chris Cuomo's Daughter

Facts of Bella Cuomo

Name Bella Cuomo
Date of Birth 2000
Gender Female
Birth Country United States of America
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Religion Christianity
Profession Family Member
Net worth $12 Million
Marital Status Single
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Black
Father Chris Cuomo
Mother Cristina Greeven Cuomo
Siblings Mario Cuomo and Carolina Regina Cuomo
Uncle Andrew Cuomo
Aunt Maria Cuomo Cole, Madeline Cuomo, Margaret I. Cuomo
Grandfater Mario Cuomo and Rainer Greeven
Grandmother Matilda Cuomo and Regina Greeven

We can see most celebrity children copying their parents’ movements. Just a few people make a name for themselves by showing their skills. And the 17-year-old Bella Cuomo is now one of the most celebrities on TikTok.

Bella Cuomo was born in the United States in 2000 as a celebrity daughter. Her father, Chris Cuomo, is an American journalist, and her mother is a magazine editor named Cristina Greeven Cuomo. Bella is an American resident who belongs to a white ethnic background.

Bella’s Relationship Status

Bella, a celebrity daughter, has attended Smithtown High School East in New York, USA. Now she’s getting ready to enter the college after high school. 

On her official Instagram page, Bella shared the photo with her, “We’re done with college auditions.

The TikTok star Bella is very private about personal details of her life. If a question occurs about her own life, she is quiet and talks about it very little. But she has a beautiful relation with her classmate Dylan M.

According to Dylan’s Instagram, he is the president of Drama Club and director of men’s choir, which are featured in most Cuomo posts on her Instagram page. Bella posted a snap on 1 August 2019 with a yellow emoji love.

Bella’s Siblings

She has two siblings: Mario Cuomo and Carolina Regina Cuomo. Bella is Mario Cuomo’s granddaughter. Andrew Cuomo is her uncle, and her aunts are Maria Cuomo Cole, Margaret I. Cuomo.

Bella Cuomo Siblings
Bella Cuomo Siblings
Image Credit: Oprahmag

Her cousins numbered Michaela Cuomo, Catie Cole, Cara Kennedy-Cuomo, Mariah Kennedy Cuomo, Amanda Cole, and Marianna Cuomo Maier.

Bella’s Net Worth-$9 million

Bella Cuomo, the famous daughter of TikTok, has posted more than 235 videos and has earned 10.2 million loves on her official TikTok page. Bella fails to find a better life because she enjoys the net worth of her parents.

Bella’s father Chris Cuomo is worth a total net of $9 million, even more than Josh Gates. Chris is one of CNN’s most highly paid journalists, earning $4 million a year.

Bella’s Mother Cristina Greeven Cuomo suffering From CoronaVirus

Bella’s mom tested positive for coronavirus (COVID-19). Her dad, the presenter of Prime Time, said Chris Cuomo on Wednesday. During an interview with his uncle, Andrew Cuomo, Chris made his diagnosis on his show, “Cuomo Prime Time.”

CNN’s Cuomo was self-isolated in his basement after testing positive for COVId-19 in late March and was separated from the rest of his family. He made a good note of the tough time for his family on Thursday evening.

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