• Bae Suzy

    South Korean actress

    Bae Suzy

  • Facts of Bae Suzy

    Name Bae Suzy
    Date of Birth October 10, 1994
    Zodiac Sign Libra
    Gender Female
    Birth Country South Korea
    Nationality Korean
    Ethnicity Asian
    Profession Actress, Singer
    Net worth $1 Million
    Marital Status Dating
    Movies Ashfall

    South Korean actress, Bae Suzy believes in herself because there is no one to trust in the entertainment industry. She mesmerized the audience with her inner reflection of beauty which is not a physical attraction, but the magic comes in her eyes.

    Suzy was born as Bae Su-ji on 10th October 1994 in Buk District, Gwangju, South Korea. She is the daughter of Bae Wan-young and Jeong Hyun-sook. She grew up with her older sister, Bae Su-bin, and younger brother, Bae Sang-moon. Read more exciting facts about Suzy’s personal life.

    What is Suzy’s Current Relationship Status?

    The 25-year-old actress, Suzy is currently not in any type of relationship up until now. She is hiding her intimate details from the eyes of the attention seekers because of her serious privacy needs. But, she is one of the down-earth personalities in the South Korean entertainment industry.

    bae suzy boyfriend, Lee Min-ho
    Bae Suzy boyfriend, Lee Min-ho
    Image Credit: jazminemedia.com

    At the beginning of 2020, various media tabloids rumored that Suzy is pregnant after she posted a photo on Instagram. But, the rumors later turned out to be false when she proclaimed that it was just a belly pad that she was wearing for a scenario of her newly released movie, Ashfall in 2019.

    Previous Affairs of Bae

    Face of Love singer, Suzy was initially involved in an intimate relationship with South Korean actor, Jun Sung in 2013. Nevertheless, they broke up after finding some serious problems in their love life in the same year.

    Bae Suzy previous boyfriend Jun Sung
    Bae Suzy previous boyfriend Jun Sung
    Image Credit: pinterest.com

    Suzy then spotted SBS Award-winning actor Lee Min-ho on 10th March 2015 at the Incheon International Airport, after a three-day tour from London, England. The duo later disclosed their private-dating life to the media.

    After dating for two years, Suzy’s boyfriend, Lee took a leave from their relationship as he joined the military service for South Korea on 12th May 2017. When Lee finished his public service duty on 25th April 2019, both of them decided to split up from their longtime affair.

    The former Miss A member, Bae had already found a new partner, Lee Dong-wook in 2018. The couple stayed in their relationship for a brief period of time and separated their ways apart when they found they are not meant to be.

    Suzy’s Net Worth

    Bae Suzy is one of the most talented actresses in South Korea. On a similar hand, an actress or actor in the United States earns $56,980 as an annual average income. So, it could be equivalent to Suzy’s yearly salary. She has a net worth of $1 Million as of 2020.

    Suzy is going to star as an aspiring businesswoman, Seo Dal Mi, in the South Korean drama series, Startup in 2020. For the upcoming drama series, she probably received a fruitful paycheck in advance along with her co-stars, Nam Joo Hyuk, Kang Han Na, and Kim Seon Ho, among others.

    Facts of Bae Suzy

    1. Bae Suzy spent her early life in Gung-dong, Guro-gu.
    2. Suzy found her true passion for acting at the School of Performing Arts, Seoul.
    3. Before starting her acting career, she pursued an online shopping model.
    4. She is a taekwondo specialist who holds a 2nd degree (dan) black belt.
    5. Her beloved father is a taekwondo grandmaster, who runs his gymnasium.

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