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    Ashley Yule

  • Facts of Ashley Yule

    Name Ashley Yule
    Birth Name Parker Russell Schnabel i
    Date of Birth June 03,1994
    Zodiac Sign Pisces
    Gender Female
    Birth Country Victoria
    Nationality Australian
    Ethnicity White
    Profession TV personality, Veterinary nurse
    Net worth $2 million
    Salary $30,175
    Marital Status Married
    Spouse Parker Schnabe
    Hair Color Brown
    Eye Color Blue
    Height 5 feet 8 inch
    Weight 66 kg
    Father Deb Yule
    Mother Stephen Yule
    Siblings Jamie Yule.
    Grandmother John Schnabel
    TV Show Gold Rush

    Ashley Yule is an Australian veterinary nurse who has appeared in reality TV series Gold Rush on Discovery. She grabbed the Gold Rush viewers’ attention when she dated Parker Schnabel, who is the main star of the series. Ashley appeared in the 6th season of the Gold Rush but was discontinued later. 

    Born on March 6, 1994, Ashley grew up in her hometown Cowes, Australia. Ashley’s parents Deb Yule and Stephen Yule run a computer repair store in Australia. She holds American citizenship and has a older brother Jamie Yule.

    Ashly’s ex-boyfriend Parker 

    Discovery channel’s star Parker was born as Parker Russell Schnabel in Haines, Alaska. He started his TV career at 16 years of age. His grandfather John Schnabel involved Parker in the famous Discovery TV show Gold Rush.

    John was the former leader of the Big Nugget Mine property. Parker was passed down the Big Nugget Mine in season 2. In this way, he handed all the responsibility to his grandson. After that, he only appears on the show to advise his colleagues and juniors.

    Initially titled as Gold Rush: Alaska in the first season, Gold Rush is a reality TV series that is popular all over the world. The show was released on December 3, 2010, and has been a popular family show since on TV. The show includes locations like Alaska, Yukon, Oregon, and Colorado.

    Ashley’s Romantic Relationship with Parker 

    Ashley met with Parker for the first at her hometown in Australia. At that time, Parker had flown to Australia for his vacation. They announced their love relation in 2015, but they had been dating each other before that. Together, they began appearing in Gold Rush. Ashley was present in over 25 episodes of the show, where she mainly helped Parker at mining sites.

    Ashley Yule with Parker Schnabe
    Ashley Yule with Parker Schnabe
    Image Credit: Pinterest

    Like many celebrities’, Ashley’s love for Parker was also not meant to be forever. Differences and constant arguments led to their split in 2017. The couple ended their three years-long relationships, and Ashley withdrew from the show.

    Later, Parker went on dating Brit Sheen Cowell, but Ashley preferred to remain concealed. She is active in social media with more than 22,000 followers on Instagram. She is probably single as she hasn’t revealed her love life on social sites. 

    Ashley’s Net Worth

    As a certified veterinary nurse and reality show cast, Ashley’s net worth is estimated to be $2 million as of 2021. She has worked with Asiatic Bear Rehabilitation Program and traveled over Cambodia. For the information, television personalities such as Siri Pinter and Cayce Eubanks also has similar earnings.

    Ashley drives the truck in Gold Rush:

    Generally, a veterinary nurse earns an average salary of $30,175 per year. But experienced nurses make more than the average figure. Likewise, Gold Rush casts make as much as $25,000 per episode. All the Gold Rush‘s former and present casts are millionaires due to the massive popularity of the show.

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    Ashley is fond of animals and enjoys helping needy animals. With medical knowledge in veterinary and her affection towards animals, she has provided sick animals with cure and love. She has rescued kangaroos, koala, cats, and several dogs. 

    Apart from helping animals, Ashley enjoys hanging out with her brother whenever she is free. She also goes hiking and sunbathing with her friends. 25-year-old Ashley is a talented dancer too. Currently, she resides in Melbourne, Australia.

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