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    Anna McNulty

  • Facts of Anna McNulty

    Name Anna McNulty
    Date of Birth April 26, 2002
    Zodiac Sign Taurus
    Gender Female
    Birth Country Saint John, Canada
    Nationality Canadian
    Ethnicity White
    Profession Youtube Star
    Net worth $800,000
    Marital Status Single
    Hair Color Brown
    Eye Color Hazel
    Height 4 ft 9 in (145 cm)
    Weight 42 kg
    Body Measurement 29-22-31 in
    Siblings Grace Mcnulty

    Canadian cheerleader, Anna McNulty is one of the most beautiful young dancers, who tests her ability with extreme flexibility on social media. She does various challenges of ballet and the contemporary freedom of expression.

    McNulty was born on 26th April 2002 in a small town, Saint John of New Brunswick, Canada. Apart from this, Find more exciting things about McNulty’s personal life below.

    Who is McNulty’s Current Flame?

    The aspiring dancer, Anna mesmerized millions of audiences with her incredible talent of tumbling and tricking as a cheerleader. So, does anyone succeed in winning her heart? Well, she has not found someone who could make her fall in love.

    Anna McNulty Yoga
    Anna McNulty Yoga
    Image Credit: pinterest.com

    Just in a similar case, Anna is pointing out one thing is that her dancing career. She is training proficiently while putting herself on flexibility related to ballet dance. So, she might choose a reason to stay single to pursue her passion for dance.

    Anna’s Net Worth & Earnings

    Anna McNulty’s net worth is $800,000 as of 2020. She is earning a subsequent earning from her youtube channel, which has 1.41 million subscribers with over 132 million views. So, her estimated annual earnings star from $35,800 to $573,500.

    On the other hand, McNulty garners a fruitful income from Instagram, where he has 670,000 subscribers with 596 posts. His estimated earnings from Instagram varies $2,345$3,908. He also receives $2,005.5$3,342.5 from TikTok. Also, read about Youtuber, Senna Bellod’s net worth, and status.


    Anna McNulty started cheerleading when she was ten years old and participated from 1 to 5 class cheerleading groups. McNulty is a member of Sky Athletics, a New Brunswick-based athletic club. She learned ballet dance and contemporary art at Rothesay Ballet School at the age of 13.

    She came to attention when she created her Instagram account in January 2015, and the journey of social media is still going on. Her older sister, Grace McNulty, and she spent their early life in New Brunswick, Canada.

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