• Angie Janu

    Angie Janu

  • Facts of Angie Janu

    Date of Birth 1960
    Gender Female
    Birth Country United States of America
    Nationality North American
    Net worth N/A
    Spouse Jason Beghe (m. 2000–2019)
    Children Bix Beghe, Bear Beghe

    The subject of Angie Janu is merely a speck in the universe of celebrity gossip, her name came up only about twice in two decades. She came into the light when she married Jason Beghe in 2000, and again had her fifteen minutes of fame, after she divorced him in 2017.

    While it may seem harsh, it is the truth; so today, we’re going to take a look at the story of Angie Janu.

    Who is Angie Janu?

    Angie Janu is an actress, professionally speaking, but her claim to fame comes from being the wife of a well-known face in cinema Jason Beghe. She was born around the mid-1960s in America. There is no accurate information available on the exact dates and details, so we’ve decided not to spread false information.

    She has appeared in only one movie in her whole career that lasted as long as the filming and production.
    Image: She has appeared in only one movie in her whole career that lasted as long as the filming and production.
    Source: Pinterest


    Janu started out as a model, appearing in several small magazines, and eventually made it to Hollywood, before quitting it cold turkey. Her entire career can be summed up with the aptly titled movie she’s appeared in. Not implying to the quasi-stardom she got from marriage, but the one role that she played, which may have lifted her hopes of becoming an actress, Too Good to Be True. 

    That doesn’t mean that she is a bad actor, but maybe her choices got on the way and diverted her from her dream. Or perhaps it wasn’t worth the effort, who knows? Anyways, she hasn’t appeared in anything since 1997, apart from archive footage of Chicago PD, her ex-husband’s workplace.


    Janu was married to Jason Beghe for almost two decades before they decided to end their relationship stating irreconcilable differences back in 2017. They married in 2000, which certainly made the headlines, but it didn’t aid her career in any way. Beghe is well-known for several of his works in Hollywood, such as The X-Files, Chicago P.D, Jimmy Hollywood, Downtown, etc.

    Children Bix Beghe and Bo Beghe
    Image: Children Bix Beghe and Bo Beghe
    Source: Pinterest

    Back when they were married, Beghe was into Scientology, but seven years later, he was disillusioned. He was outspoken against the brainwashing done by the Church of Scientology.

    They have two children together, Bix Beghe and Bo Beghe, born three years apart in 2003 and 2006, respectively. The former couple shares joint custody of children, and are allowed at least one phone call a day based on the terms of a divorce.

    Net Worth

    You might think that Janu made a bank after she separated with Beghe, but the terms of the divorce say otherwise, unlike reported by contemporary gossip sites. The couple decided to split each other’s balance with each other, creating an equilibrium in financial assets.

    Through economic analysis, insider sources and scrutinized speculations, it can be said that the former actress is worth about $800 thousand. Her husband, who has had an active career is worth around $4 million. as compared to another actress Megan Fahlenbock worth $2.5 million He is still active, to this day as an actor in both film and TV   


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