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    Angela Victoria Johnson

  • Facts of Angela Victoria Johnson

    Name Angela Victoria Johnson
    Birth Name Angela Johnson
    Date of Birth 29, 08 1991
    Gender Female
    Birth Country South Carolina, United States of America
    Nationality African-American
    Ethnicity African-American
    Profession Family Member
    Net worth $1 million
    Marital Status Divorce
    Marriage Date 2014
    Children Chloe (daughter)
    Hair Color Black
    Eye Color Black

    Many people like the wife or the ex-wife of celebrities have come to the fore. Much like the Angela Victoria Johnson, the mother of Kyle’s daughter went to the spotlight. Before her name appeared in 2012 after the birth of Chloe, Angela was unknown to everyone. Therefore, she did not establish an independent identity that can identify her by men. But Angela couldn’t live a long time in fame. Since her popularity decreased by her ended a relationship with Kyle.

    Angela Johnson Victoria was born to American parents in the United States. she is African-American origin. Moreover, she came from southern California.

    Net Worth and Status

    The sources show that her former husband’s total net value is 1 million dollars. She’s been in the film industry for a short time but won a decent amount. In Atlanta, Georgia, he owns a 3,000 square foot home.

    Angela Victoria Johnson Ex-husband Kyle Chrisley

    Angela Victoria Johnson was previously in a relationship with Kyle Chrisley, known for his appearance in the US reality series for Chrisley Knows Best. Later her daughter Chole Chrisley born on 10 November 2012. At present, they could not continue their relationship even with a daughter. also, read Tania Goddard biography.

    later after, Angela marks her Facebook marriage status as single. Chloe was only one year old when she made her television debut in March, her daughter with Kyle. She settled with the Chrisley family in Atlanta briefly at the point.

    Angela Victoria Johnson Ex-husband Kyle Chrisley
    Angela Victoria Johnson Ex-husband Kyle Chrisley
    Sources: Pinterest

    Kyle had posted on Facebook: “I love her so much . . . I know what I need to do. I’m just happy I got Chloe back.

    Angela’s name did not mention on the show. And the people didn’t know who Chloe’s mother was? Yet Angela kept sharing her daughter on her Page. They knew she was Kyle’s daughter yet didn’t know about her name. He says he missed her daughter on one of the posts and is worried that Chloe is videoing. Her biological father, Kyle, kissed Chloe and cuddled him in one of the episodes. On the show season, Kyle also said he had fooled enough for a long time. It seemed he was a doting father. Yet now, Chloe had inspired his father to come out of his dark life. She put the equipment of his life.

    Likewise, Angela wanted to give her daughter Chloe different life. It’s not so convenient for her, though, as she did. Because he was just one year old, on 7 October 2013, Chrisley’s father filed a divorced file against Victoria.

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