• Angela Macuga

    Angela Macuga

  • Facts of Angela Macuga

    Date of Birth 14th March 1968.
    Gender Female
    Birth Country Brooks, a town in Georgia
    Nationality Georgian
    Net worth $1 Million
    Salary Unknown
    Spouse Arthur Blank
    Children Emily Macuga
    Height Unknown
    Weight Unknown
    Father Unknown
    Mother Unknown
    Education Bachelor's degree in sales and marketing

    Formerly known as Angela Blank, Angela Macuga literally married into fame, though it is to be believed that she didn’t intend to. She was married to Atlanta sports tycoon, billionaire, and philanthropist Arthur Blank, whom she divorced back in 

    Both the marriage and the divorce were subjects of headlines, but rarely does anyone talk about her person, so today, we’re taking a look at the story of Angela Macuga.

    Who is Angela Macuga?

    Angela Macuga was born in Brooks, Georgia, on the 14th March in the year 1968. Extensive researches on her educational background reveal that she attended the University of South Carolina where she earned a degree in sales and marketing. Angela began her career initially in sales and marketing with the Graphic Solutions Group as a Consultant. 

    She had three children from her marriage to her first husband. Ironically, the children became the cause of her second marriage, rather than the opposite. Macuga is a well-known member of Atlanta’s Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD). Their purpose is to educate and enlighten people on the dangers of drinking and driving. The death of her first husband, who died due to the same cause serves as her motivation for joining.

    Angela Blank

    It is reported that Macuga met the Atlanta Falcons owner in a soccer match back in 2012, where their children were playing. At that time, Angela was bereaved from her husband’s death, and Arthur had divorced his first two wives, Diana and Stephanie Blank, with whom he shared 13 years of marriage. Both of them had three children of their own from their marriages, which is quite a coincidence.

    1Blank and Macuga's wedding
    Image: Blank and Macuga’s wedding

    From what seemed like a number of normal meetings, the couple fell in love. After two years of a deep and secret relationship, Arthur and Angela got engaged in 2014. And another two years later, they walked down the aisle with each other, in a very civil wedding. It was so much of a secret that even the location is unknown, to this date, even after the divorce.

    Life and Divorce

    Angela and Arthur lived in a blended family. They housed NINE children and three grandchildren, from all of their marriages. But despite parenting so many little ones, Arthur and Angela never had children of their own and neither did they desire for more, it seems, since nine is quite enough.

    However, a family with that many numbers is bound to have more struggles and rift than normal ones, so it is believed that the main cause of their divorce was the nature of their blended family. They separated from each other back in 2019. But, it is reported that Angela and Arthur have remained in amicable terms, even after the divorce, which is good to hear. They were married for three years, together for seven.

    Net Worth

    It would be untrue to say that all of Angela’s net worth comes from her marriage to Arthur. She had proven herself a competent single mother, holding down jobs and raising her children before she got together with the billionaire.

    2Macuga and Blank, a long time ago.
    Image: Macuga and Blank, a long time ago.

    As a matter of fact, she even holds a major position at her former husband’s company, as of now. After detailed evaluations and source analysis, we have come to the conclusion that the activist is worth $2.5 million. It is reported that the couple didn’t have to split wealth for their divorce, for they shared no children.


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